Does Quip have word count? What about spellcheck?


Word Count

Quip supports a simple and easy to use word and character counter.

Simply highlight a whole document or a paragraph and you will be able to see the number of words and total characters in your selection at the bottom-left corner near the profile menu. It is in a subtle light-grey font, so we recommend adjusting your contrast on your screen if you can't see it! 

Spell Check

Quip checks for spelling errors in different ways based on the device, operating system, or browser you're using.

In the Quip desktop app, spellcheck relies on your computer's operating system to check for errors.
On Web, Quip checks for errors based on whatever spell-checker your browser uses.

On mobile, similar to the desktop app, Quip will use your operating system's spellcheck to browse for mistakes.

Quip does not currently support a native spellcheck feature.

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