How do I print a document?

  1. Open the document you want to print and click on the Document or Spreadsheet button
  2. Select "Print..." from the drop-down menu

Alternatively, you can press Command + P or Ctrl + P to automatically enter the printing dialogue

Print options

In the Document menu, right under "Print...", you'll see "Print Options..." As you might expect, you can use that to set up how your document appears when printed. 

You can include following information in the header and footer of your printed document:

  • The name of the document's creator (or any other people you specify)
  • The title of the document
  • The current date (or any date of your choice)
  • The page count
  • Any other text you want to add

Check off whichever items you want, and you'll see a preview of the headers and footers below.

A note on printing Quip Live Apps in color

If you'd like to print Live Apps in full color, click "advanced settings" in the printing dialogue and ensure that "background graphics" is turned on. Without this setting, the LiveApps may not be colored upon printing with other content.


If you're seeing a serious issue in printing (columns becoming un-merged or images not printing), a good first step would be to copy the current document and attempt to print the new copy.

If you continue to see issues in printing in spite of the steps above, please log a request with our support team.

Please note, our support team may not be able to provide an immediate solution, but all reports will be sent directly to our Quip team for improvements! 


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