What's the difference between group folders and shared folders?

Both group folders and shared folders allow you to share a group of related documents with one or more people.

Administrators can centrally create and manage many teams. For any team, a corresponding group folder is also created by default. 

While shared folders can be deleted by any member of the folder, group folders can only be deleted by administrators.

Beyond shared folders, there are several other useful features of using Quip Teams.

With teams, administrators can set default sidebar contents and team chat rooms so that documents and folders will be added to the sidebar of team members and team members will be added to chats .

For instance, for a “New Employee Training” group folder, an administrator could choose to have the training schedule and an FAQ document put into sidebar for new hires.

For Business and Enterprise plans, there are no limits to the number of teams and group folders you can create.

Group folders and teams are currently a feature of Quip Business -- please email sales@quip.com to get in touch with a Quip representative to turn on Quip Business features for your team.

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