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Here at Quip, we try to make every aspect of your life a bit simpler. Paying for Quip shouldn't be any different.

(Note that pretty much everything in this article is directed toward Quip admins. If you created your Quip site, then you're an admin. You can promote other members of your company to admins, too, if you'd rather have someone else handle the bills.)


How much does Quip cost?

The price of Quip depends on the type of plan you get, and the frequency at which you decide to be billed.

Business plans

Business plans include all of the major Quip offerings: Docs; spreadsheets; chats; native Live Apps from partners like Salesforce, Jira, and Lucidchart; native integrations with services like Slack, Twitter, and GitHub; and a support team that's there for you when you need them.

You can choose whether you prefer to pay monthly or annually (if you choose the latter, you'll get a discount 😉).

  • Paying monthly:
    • $30 per month for up to 5 users
    • Plus $12 per month for each additional user
  • Paying annually:
    • $30 per month for up to 5 users,
    • Plus $10 for each for each additional user

To get started on a business plan, you can either choose “Upgrade your team...” from within Quip's account menu, or you can head over to our plans and pricing page.

Enterprise plans

For big businesses, Quip enterprise plans include everything that business plans do, plus:

  • Advanced Live Apps that connect to your Salesforce data.
  • A dedicated team here at Quip to support your users, handle account provisioning, set up a file structure that maps to your organization, and even create a custom home page.
  • Support for single sign-on (SSO) through OneLogin, Okta, Google Apps, and our own open API.
  • Enhanced security features, like management of external users and publicly shared links.
  • And more!

Enterprise plans cost $25 per month, per person. Contact our sales team to get started.

Can I try Quip before I buy it?

Certainly! We offer fully functional evaluations of Quip, and your free trial begins as soon as you sign up.

Business trials

For business plans, Quip's trial period is based on how much you and your collaborators use your site. Quip tracks how often you comment, create, and chat with others. You'll be notified when your allotted usage is about to reach its limit, of course, so you won't surprised when it happens.

If you do wind up hitting that limit, your Quip site will go into a read-only state. You and your collaborators can continue to view your previously created content, but you won't be able to edit it, comment on it, or share it until you've upgraded to a paid plan.

Questions about all this? No problem. Our sales team is happy to answer them.

Enterprise trials for Salesforce admins

If you're a Salesforce admin and you want your team to be able to try out the enterprise-level features that Quip offers, you can sign up for an enterprise trial by going to the Quip Setup Assistant in the Salesforce Lightning Experience. This gives your team 30 days of unlimited enterprise access.

What happens when you hit your time limit? One of two things, depending on what kind of plan you had before starting the trial:

  • If you've already got a paid business plan when you enterprise trial expires, you'll simply return back to that plan, and any enterprise features you were using will be disabled.
  • If you've come from a business trial account—that is, if you haven't paid for Quip at all—and your enterprise trial expires, your site will be read-only for the next 67 days. After that, your business-level trial will resume.

I'm loving Quip and I want to start paying for it. How do I actually do that?

  • Head up to your avatar in the corner in the screen, click it, and then choose “Upgrade Your Team...” from the menu.
  • Now just enter your credit card information. (If you'd rather pay with a purchase order or a check, contact our sales team.)

That's it. You're all set up. Glad you like Quip, and thanks for the money!

How can I change which credit card gets billed?

Oh, that's easy. Here's how any Quip site admin can change the payment method:

  • Head up to your avatar in the corner in the screen, click it, and then choose “Billing...” from the menu.
  • Now click “Change Payment Method.”
  • And then enter your credit card information.

All done. 👍


You can also go to your Admin Portal and update the information there. Up to you.

Note that whoever puts in the payment method automatically becomes the billing contact for your site.

When does my bill come?

If you're paying annually, you'll be charged on the same date every year.

If you're paying monthly, you'll be charged every month on the same date as the date you started paying. If you first signed up on April 20th, you'll be charged next on May 20th, then June 20th, and so on.

Sharp-eyed readers may be wondering: What if I make my first payment on March 31st? What happens in April? There is no April 31st! Great question. You'll just be charged on the last day of April, and of any other months that have fewer than 31 days.

The number of members on my Quip site has changed. Does the amount I'm billed change too?

For most plans, it works like this: Every month, on the day you're billed, Quip takes a quick look at how many active users you have and then adjusts your bill accordingly.

Here's an example:

  • You started your Quip site on a monthly plan with 5 users at $30 per month on August 20th.
  • Over the past month since signing up, you've added three new employees to your growing organization and invited them to your Quip site.
  • On September 20th—a month from your start date—Quip sees that you now have 8 active users on your Quip site.
  • You'll be charged $66. To break it down, that's...
    • $30 to cover the first 5 users
    • $36 for the 3 users beyond that (at $12 per user)

Questions? No problem. Email for answers.

How can I change the billing contact email for my site?

Alternatively, if someone new wants to be the billing contact, they can make that happen by updating the payment information on the account. Assuming they're an admin, all they need to do is:

  • Head up to their avatar in the corner in the screen, click it, and then choose “Billing...” from the menu.
  • Then click “Change Payment Method.”
  • And then enter their credit card information.

Now they're the new billing contact. 😌

You can also contact and ask to have it changed. They'll be happy to help.

Can I request an invoice?

An invoice will be sent to your billing contact email every time you're charged—either monthly or annually, depending on which type of payment plan you've chosen.

If you haven't received an invoice, or you need more detail than your invoice includes, reach out to our support team at Also, make sure your billing contact email address is correct. You can check it by going to your Business Portal and clicking “Update payment method.” The current contact information will be displayed in the dialog that pops up.


Can I request a refund?

Absolutely! Email

I have another question that wasn't answered in this FAQ. Help!

We're here for you! Just email




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