How do I reset my password?

We'd hate to hear that you were having trouble accessing your account! To help you troubleshoot, if you were to hit an issue authenticating into Quip, we've listed a few tips below:

First Question: How are you Authenticating into Quip?

Possible Answers

1. Single Sign On (currently a Quip Enterprise Feature). 

2. Unique Quip Password.

3. Google Auth.  

4. Sign in with Slack. 

5. Sign in with Salesforce. 

Troubleshooting for each Answer

1. SSO Troubleshooting: reach out to your Quip site admin to verify you have been assigned the Quip application in your SSO (identify provider) profile.

2. Quip Password Troubleshooting: you can reset your password here:

3. Google Auth Troubleshooting: reach out to our Google admin to verify your Google app profile is established correctly.

4. Sign on with Slack: your Slack credentials will enable you to log into your Quip account seamlessly. 

5. Sign in through Salesforce: your Salesforce credentials will enable you to log into your Quip account seamlessly. If you hit any error messages in this process, submit a request directly to the Quip support team, including the specific error message. 

If you need any further assistance, submit a request with our support team via the drop down menu in the top right. 


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