Quip Group Usage

This article addresses some frequently asked questions about Quip's group usage limits. You can also contact support anytime with questions or learn more about our unlimited usage plans — starting at $30/month per group.

What is usage based on?

Quip is free for unlimited personal use, but sharing with a company or group has limits. If you are using Quip with a company or group, your document edits and messages count towards your group's usage. You can always see a detailed breakdown of your group's usage by clicking the usage meter at the bottom-left of your desktop.

How do I get unlimited usage?

We hope you see enough value in Quip to upgrade to an unlimited usage plan — we've worked hard to build features that we think make working with your team productive and fun. Once you upgrade to any paid plan, your company or group will get unlimited usage, and the usage bar will disappear.

However, if you decide that you are not getting enough value out of Quip, you can contact support and we can transition your group to separate personal accounts.

How do I reduce my usage?

Your usage is based on your past activity in the product, including how many document revisions you've created and how many messages you've sent. The usage is measured across your entire team. Thus, the only way to reduce your usage when using Quip with your team is to stop using Quip with your team.

However, if you are still evaluating Quip and need an increase in your usage limit before making a decision, contact support and we'll help you out.

How do I increase the limit?

The easiest way to increase your limit is to sign up for one of our unlimited plans — starting at $30/month per group.

What happens if I don't upgrade?

If you don't upgrade and your group hits its usage limit, access to Quip will become read-only. At that time, we can help you transition to individual personal accounts or export your documents.

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