7 things to do on your first day in Quip

If you were invited by your team to Quip, you're probably wondering where to start. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Follow these simple 7 steps and you'll have a solid understanding in 20 minutes.

What you'll learn...

1. Download our native desktop and mobile apps

First thing's first, download the Quip desktop and mobile apps. One of the things that makes Quip special is our fast, native, and powerful apps for your computer and phone. With Quip on your desktop and your phone you'll never miss a beat and can make this happen from anywhere, fast.

Quip Desktop

You can use Quip as a web app in your browser but using the Quip Desktop app is the best Quip experience you can get. It is our vision for how cloud software should work. Sign in to Quip, and every document in your company is available, offline or online, on all your devices.

The product blurs the line between a desktop app and a cloud service. You get all the benefits of the cloud, like real-time collaboration and syncing across devices, and all the benefits of a desktop app too, like offline work and speedy load times.

When you're using Quip Desktop, all your documents and messages are synced to your computer's hard drive. So when you open a document, it opens immediately — no downloading and no waiting.

Quip Desktop works whether you're on a fast WiFi connection or completely disconnected from the Internet. When you're offline, you can continue creating documents, editing documents, and sending messages. As soon as you have an Internet connection, all your edits sync with the network, and everyone you’re working with will see your changes.

Quip Mobile

Every change you make on your desktop is instantly synced to your phone and tablet. Quip supports iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Android tablets.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, Quip Desktop also supports Handoff, so you can start editing on your desktop and pick up right where you left off on your phone with a swipe of your finger. What's also great about Quip's mobile apps is that you can make contributions to documents, spreadsheets, inline comments, and messages in real-time so you can keep all your work moving forward - no need to download attachments, or manage unwieldy email threads from a less-than capable device. Quip's mobile apps can do it all. 

2. Add a profile picture

This is an easy first step to making Quip yours. Add a profile picture so your teammates can identify you. Don't be shy. Say cheese! :)

  1. Go to your account menu
  2. Select Profile and Status
  3. Click Edit
  4. Find your headshot and you're off

3. Add some awesome to your first document

Work comes in many forms, but typically it leverages documents and spreadsheets to capture notes, plans, or calculations. What's different about Quip documents compared to other work tools you've used, is that they are alive and rich. You can build powerful pieces of work by embedding spreadsheets or images, spark discussions anywhere with @mentions, and track work with tasks. It only takes a couple steps to build a beautiful, useful piece of work.

Let's take a look at how you can add some awesomeness to your document:

Get stylish with your bad self

Quip docs are intended to be simple and effective. Creating beautiful, useful work starts with the style menu on your left-hand side of the document, or in the menus at the top of your document. Just click the paragraph icon and you're on your way to adding different forms of text, headings, and a variety of lists.

Link to docs, spreadsheets, folders, and chats

One of the best things about having all your work in Quip is you can search for, reference, and link to any document, spreadsheet, or folder in seconds and save teammates minutes looking for “that file”. To link to a piece of work, type @ and begin searching for the document title. Quip will give you a list of results in a drop down.




4. Add a spreadsheet to your document

In Quip, you can embed a spreadsheet in a document to give your data the context it needs to be useful – no more emails, meetings, or long presentations. Everything you need to know about your spreadsheet is in one place. Your team always has the full story – background, discussions, and highlights that live in the document and complement the data in your spreadsheet.

This is the real magic of Quip spreadsheets. They aren't a separate app or file type, but instead they’re seamlessly integrated into your experience. You don't have to choose between text, images, task lists, or spreadsheets — you can combine everything in one place:


To add a new spreadsheet to your document, just type @ and then select Spreadsheet from the dropdown menu.

When your cursor is inside a spreadsheet, you'll see the spreadsheet menu bar. Quip spreadsheets have all of the power you're used to with over 400 functions, and all the data formatting options you'd expect too. You have everything you need to create beautiful, useful spreadsheets with your team.

Bring your spreadsheet data into your doc

By integrating spreadsheets directly into your documents, your data isn't trapped in separate files. You can refer to data in your spreadsheets in the text of your documents by typing = and the cell name. It’s a really powerful way to create an executive summary, showcase the important data in larger spreadsheets, or focus the attention of a meeting.

Even better, when you update your spreadsheet, the text in your document updates magically too.

5. Share your document with your teammates

Where Quip really earns its salt is when you invite others to your document. You can share information, spark discussions, give feedback, and work together to build something great. There are a number of ways to share a document, but the most direct way is using the share button in the top-right corner of every document and spreadsheet.

You have a variety of sharing options:

  1. Add individual people via their Quip account or an email address.
  2. Add your document to a shared folder that you're a member of.
  3. Get a shareable link to distribute to anyone.


Let's select the first option, Add by Name or Email. This will leave your document in your private folder and give the people you share it with access to this document only and nothing else in your private folder.

You can search for and add existing Quip users who appear in your contacts list. Quip users will receive an instant notification alerting them of the document. If you want to share with someone who isn't a part of your Quip site, you can also type their email address. These people will receive an invitation to join your Quip site if their email address domain name matches the domain name of your Quip site. If not, they will only receive an email notification that grants them access to the document.

Once you've shared the document your team can immediately jump in and contribute – edit, comment, and send messages in your document.

Pro-tip: Multiple people can edit a document at the same time

We strive to make Quip the fastest and richest editing experience for teams to collaborate together. We like to think of every document as a whiteboard - a place where anyone can walk up and contribute instantly. Every revision is seamlessly tracked so you and your teammates can edit fearlessly.

When you're editing a document with other people you'll see their avatar inline. Those lines in the document are locked to the current editor so your work is always safe and you never overwrite each other. This is also true for spreadsheet cells. Our customers have told us that they loved editing documents together and it's particularly useful for long-form docs and meeting notes. Go ahead - hop into a document with a teammate and start creating something together.

6. Add a comment to spark a discussion in your document

Quip's inline comments deliver the context you need to discuss work with your teammates intelligently and purposefully. There's nothing worse than trying to respond to feedback through a long email conversation where you have to keep jumping back and forth between applications just to give some feedback. Quip keeps it simple because you can comment directly on the document so there is always context. You'll love giving targeted, real-time, and rich feedback to your teammates.

Give targeted feedback with inline comments

You can add a comment to an entire line in a document by clicking the comment icon in the left margin. You can also comment on a specific letter, word, or sentence by highlighting the text with your cursor.


Spark discussion in real-time

Quip is lightning fast. Imagine receiving a notification and jumping into a document to give feedback at the same speed as hopping into a Slack channel to respond to a teammate. Seriously, it's that fast. When you have all the context, you can close the loop in seconds.

To get your teammate's attention immediately, @mention them in a comment and Quip will bring them in immediately so they can contribute. You can even both hangout in the comment thread and have a real-time conversation where you can hash something out. You'll see when they are typing, get notified when they like a comment, and even see read receipts so you know that they've read your last message.

Discuss work in living color

You can think of every inline comment thread as a chat thread – equipped with @mentions, files and images, link previews, emoji, /giphy, and more. When you can have rich discussions about a document they become a valuable piece of the content too. Learn more about the fun side of Quip in our guide: How to have fun with your team in Quip.

7. Star a few important documents

There is no shortage of work flying around when you're at the office. It can be hard to keep up. That's why we offer document stars. It's a great way to flag important documents or to manage a “to-do” list of documents you need to catch up on. When you star a document it will show up in your Starred section and in the Starred inbox filter.

Try starring a few documents that you want to keep a closer eye on.


You can quickly jump to your starred documents from Quip's sidebar.


If a document is no longer star-worthy, you can un-star it so it doesn't appear in your Favorites or in your filtered inbox feed.

You've made it!

We've covered a lot and we're just getting started. Keep going to learn more Quip tricks that will make you the ultimate work-crushing machine.

  • How to make beautiful, useful Quip docs
  • How to embed a spreadsheet in a document
  • How to share and work on docs with your team
  • How to use stars to organize your work
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