Invite your teammates to Quip

The moment is finally here, you are ready to invite your team to Quip! Here are a couple of pro-tips that make this roll out smooth for your team and will help lead to long term team success in Quip.

There are three main steps of a great Quip team launch. We will walk through each here!

  1. Add your team to Quip
  2. Send your team an email about Quip
  3. Add your team to a document

Add your team to Quip

First, let's talk strategy. Don't feel like you have to roll Quip out to everyone in your company all at once. Depending on your team and company size it might make more sense to pick a few of your close teammates first to form a pilot group and test out Quip together. Once you've proven success with your pilot group, you can begin to invite more teammates in on the fun. Momentum is your greatest ally, so get Quip moving with a few people so you can roll it out to many more later. You'll be breaking through information barriers in no time at all.

Once you decide which teammates are starting off on Quip add your members through the admin console. Instructions here!


Send your team an email about Quip

We’ve put together a customizable email template you can send to your team to help them get started using Quip to collaborate, communicate, and be more productive. Welcome aboard!


  1. Copy the template below.
  2. Customize any [italicized] text.
  3. Add additional context to help your team understand how and why you are adopting Quip.
  4. Remove anything that isn't relevant for your team.

Email Template:

Hi Team,

I'm excited to let you know our team is moving to Quip! To start our team will be using Quip for [insert initial use case].

It is our vision that [insert vision statement.]

My team has already been using Quip for the last several weeks and we're most excited about [insert the most impactful feature or value gain.]

Please sign up today by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to to create an account with your work email
  2. Download the desktop and mobile app to use Quip on your phone and while offline
  3. Here's where you should use Quip:
    1. [Insert link to your initial use case sample doc and/or use the suggested templates below]
    2. Team Homepages make your team's remit & success obvious.
    3. Approval Workflows show exactly where you're stuck.
    4. Meeting Notes bring everyone together for mindshare.
    5. Onboard new team members without handholding.
    6. Interview consistently across candidates.

Quip is really easy to use but for those who would like to attend a training webinar, please join us in room [insert room] on [insert date].

Finally, if you aren't able to find the info you need on Quip's Knowledge Base, you can reach out to Quip's Support Team at any time.

See you in Quip!


[Your Name]


Welcome your teammates to Quip through a new document

The best place for your teammates to land in Quip is a document because that's where the magic happens . You're welcome to start your team on a business use-case like meeting notes, a project plan, or documentation. But if you're just trying to get you team on the same page to show off Quip's capabilities, we recommend you follow the exercise below.

1) Create a new document

For now, it's okay for your document to live in your private folder. You can move it to a Group folder later. In this exercise, you're going to create a silly document to keep things simple and fun. In the process you'll achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Get everyone viewing and editing the document at the same time
  2. Show the power of the @mention
  3. Showcase tasks
  4. Highlight how to embed a spreadsheet in a document
  5. Use the conversation pane to show off document chat

In just a few minutes your team will see the value of Quip and you can move on to building real business use-cases together. Go into Quip and create a document like the one below. Get creative and have fun with it 🙃, just try to incorporate the key document features above. Don't forget to @mention a few teammates and start a conversation on the conversation pane.


2) Share the document with your team

Use the Share button in the top right of your new document to share the document with your teammates. You can either share with individual team members or move to a shared folder that has already been shared with the group you are adding to this document.


To add individual team members go to Share> Add People> Add using their email addresses or names. This will send an email notification that will take them directly to the document once they've signed in.



 You did it, high five! 


For more information on launching and training your team, check this out

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