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Now that you've set up your Group folders, you're ready to invite your teammates to your first document.

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Invite your team. Start small to win BIG

You don't have to roll Quip out to everyone in your company all at once. Pick a few of your close teammates first to form a pilot group and test out Quip together. Once you've proven success with your pilot group, you can begin to invite more teammates in on the fun. Momentum is your greatest ally, so get Quip moving with a few people so you can roll it out to many more later. You'll be breaking through information barriers in no time at all.


Add your teammates to Quip through a new document

The best place for your teammates to land in Quip is a document because that's where the magic happens. You're welcome to start your team on a business use-case like meeting notes, a project plan, or documentation. But if you're just trying to get you team on the same page to show off Quip's capabilities, we recommend you follow the exercise below.

Create a new document

For now, it's okay for your document to live in your private folder. You can move it to a Group folder later. In this exercise, you're going to create a silly document to keep things simple and fun. In the process you'll achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Make use of concurrent editing
  2. Demonstrate the different editing and styling features
  3. Showcase tasks
  4. Highlight how to embed a spreadsheet in a document
  5. Use the sidebar to show off document chat

In just a few minutes your team will see the value of Quip and you can move on to building real business use-cases together. Go into Quip and create this document. Replace the names here with the names of your teammates.


Share the document with your team

Use the share button in the top right of your new document to share the document with your teammates. Make sure you select Share with individual people.

You can invite your teammates to the document using their email addresses. This will send an email notification inviting them to join your Quip site and will send them directly to the document once they've signed up.

Play around in the document and highlight the features in this guide: 7 things to do on your first day in Quip. Especially make sure they try @mentions – it's the one feature your team must know about. The magic of Quip is that it combines communication and documents in one place. Your team will quickly recognize the difference once they get a chance to try it.


Add your team to all Group folders

Now that your team has a basic idea of what they can do in Quip, open the site up to them. Give them access to the Group folders you created earlier. This will highlight your vision for Quip and your pilot group can help change the way the rest of your team works too.

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  • How to work with your team in a doc


Customized Email Template

We’ve put together a customizable email template you can send to your team to help them get started using Quip to collaborate, communicate, and be more productive. Welcome aboard!


  1. Copy the template below.
  2. Customize any [bolded] text.
  3. Add additional context to help your team understand how and why you're adopting Quip.
  4. Remove anything that isn't relevant for your team.
  5. Send the email to your team and ask them to reply with any questions or comments in your Quip chat room.

Customize your email template

Hi team,

You may have heard through the grapevine that we’re moving to Quip for internal team collaboration and communication.

Quip is a new way to collaborate with your team that combines documents, spreadsheets, and chat in one seamless experience. Quip is great for managing projects, finalizing budget plans, sharing meeting notes, and staying connected every step of the way. I'm so excited about this change and I think you're going to love it too.

Having our work and our conversations in one place will help us work together better and faster, rather than jumping around between emails and IMs, looking for files, and switching between a bunch of other applications. Everything in Quip is automatically shared in real-time, accessible, and searchable.

Before we get started, please get yourself set up:

  • Head over here: [team URL] and sign up with your work email. There are already [# of people on Quip] on Quip from [name departments/teams], so join us!
  • Download the apps for desktop and mobile for a much better experience.
  • Check out Quip's Get Started and video guides.

What can Quip do for you?

  • Every doc and spreadsheet has chat built into it, so you can talk about work where work is done.
  • Add transparency and visibility to your team's projects and deliverables.
  • Speed up feedback and decision making.
  • Make it easier to find information and documents, thanks to Quip's shared folders and awesome search.
  • Eliminate internal email. With work and chat in one place, you will never email a teammate again.
  • Quip has award winning mobile and tablet apps - it's easy staying connected on the go.

Questions? Feedback?

If you have questions about our Quip site, please post in the [your company-name chat room] chat room in Quip and @mention my name there. If you have to, send an email to [your email address here], but these are the kind of inquiries best dealt with in Quip. If you have general questions about Quip, their Getting Started Guides are great resources.

[Fill in with any other next steps if applicable]

Thanks and looking forward to working with you in Quip!

[Your name]

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