Can I change the font?

Quip has five document themes which enable you to change the fonts in the document but maintain a beautiful and consistent look for your document.


You can set the theme for each document from the Format menu in the top left of the document. 

Why can't I change the font color?

It's true. In Quip, you can't change the color of fonts within documents or spreadsheets. 

Here at Quip we believe that the number one focus of your work is just that — the work. In that spirit, we've eliminated a lot of formatting we feel is unnecessary, including font colors.

But before you fall into despair over the loss of your font-artistry, we think we have you covered!

Quip does support highlighting in multiple colors. So you can still keep your page looking beautifully colored and organized (alongside all of our other colorful at-mentions and Live Apps).

Find our guide here on how to use highlighting to its full advantage:


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