Using your task drawer

If you're like most people, you use checklists to keep track of all the things you need to do. But what do you do when checklists get scattered across different documents related to different projects? Well, over in your Quip sidebar, you have one checklist to rule them all.


There, in your task drawer, you'll see the following:

  • Every checklist item you're @mentioned in, from every Quip doc you have access to.
  • Any checklist items from documents you've linked to your task drawer (more on that in a sec).


Note that your task drawer and the checklists it pulls from are always in sync: if you check items off in one of them, they also get checked off in the other. It's all very swift and tidy.

Checklist items you're @mentioned in

For projects that your team is working on, try to get everyone in the habit of @mentioning the person (or persons) responsible for each item in a checklist. Each item they're mentioned in will automatically go into their task drawer.

Tip: If you also mention a date in the same item, it'll be treated as that item's due date. Not only will it be filed according to its date in the task drawer, the person responsible will also get notifications when the due date is impending.

Adding tasks from a document

If you have personal to-do lists you'd like to add to your task drawer, go to the task drawer menu and select “Add from Document...”


You'll be asked what document you want to add tasks from. Start typing the title, and it should auto-fill pretty quickly.


You can add as many documents as you like. Just know that every checklist item from each document will be synced to your task drawer. (That might be a lot of tasks.)

If you want to unlink documents from your task drawer, go to the task drawer menu and select “Manage Linked Checklists...”


You'll see a list of all the documents you've linked to your task drawer. Click “Unlink” next to any documents you want to unlink, and all of the items from that document will be removed from your task drawer. (Don't worry, the documents themselves won't be affected.)


Pinning and hiding tasks

Hover over a task in your task drawer and you'll see two little buttons:


The pushpin button pins a task to the top of the list. Fairly self-explanatory.

The x hides the task from your task drawer. It'll stay hidden unless someone updates the checklist item the task is synced to. When it's updated in the document, it'll reappears in your task drawer.

If you need to see the tasks you've previously hidden, go to the task drawer menu and select “Show Hidden.”


If you want to unhide any of the hidden items, go for it. You'll see a “Show” button when you hover over it.


Finally, if you want to wipe the slate clean and hide ALL of your outstanding tasks, select “Hide All...” from the task drawer menu.



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