Quip & Salesforce Integration Summary

This document explains the current Salesforce and Quip integrations that are available to Quip for Salesforce customers.

Bring Quip to Salesforce

Bring Salesforce to Quip

Requirements to utilize the Salesforce/Quip Integrations

  1. Salesforce instance of Enterprise or Unlimited. (Limited functionality for PE with the API package)
  2. Quip for Salesforce edition of Quip licenses. 
  3. Initial set up is required by a Quip and Salesforce Admin. Please see these Salesforce Lightning Integration Setup Instructions with Pictures (2019) for further instruction.

*For Classic instructions and limitations, please connect with your Quip contact or Submit a request to Quip Support.

Quip Associated Documents Component

Link and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with the Quip lightning component in Salesforce. Help your team find and collaborate on the documents that are crucial to better serving your customers. These Quip documents live as Files on the Record, and since there is no concept of "Quip file size", these files don't count against your Salesforce Files storage limits. 

Since Quip provides "living documents" that can be collaborated on by multiple people at the same time you won't have different versions of documents. 

Quip documents are fully searchable and discoverable in Lightning. If an individual is not already a collaborator on the Quip document and a shareable link is not enabled, they will be able to request access to the document. A user must have a Quip license to collaborate on a document inside Salesforce. 

Quip & Files

Quip is integrated with the Salesforce Files API. This extends all the benefits of Files to Quip including posting documents to Chatter, federated search, file reports, and previewing documents.
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Quip Document Lightning Component

The Quip Document Lightning Component brings Quip documents, spreadsheets, slides, and chat rooms directly into your Salesforce pages. All of your favorite Quip features — rich editing, live updating, comments, and more — are available without leaving Salesforce. It's all the collaboration you need right where you need it. You can even configure this component to create templates for processes you want to standardize. 

Watch this Quip for Salesforce video to learn more about bringing the power of Quip's document collaboration inside of Salesforce.

For setup instructions and best practice recommendations check out our Spring '19 setup guide
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Quip Templates with Data Autofill

Use the Quip Document component to create Quip templates in order to streamline your Salesforce workflows. Any Quip document can be set up as a template which your team can use to instantly create and embed documents in Salesforce records. You can even automatically fill new documents with standard and custom fields from the record using mail-merge syntax.

Quip Notifications in Salesforce

Give your users a break from switching between Salesforce and Quip by adding the Quip Notifications component to your Salesforce Utility bar, Home, record, or app pages. Users are notified every time they’re @mentioned or when a colleague updates or comments on their embedded Quip documents. Users can then search their notifications, filter for unread notifications, and even mark notifications as read. All this without ever leaving Salesforce.

Where: This change applies to Lightning apps in Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: This change is available in orgs with a Quip for Salesforce plan.

Best Practice: Embed the Quip Notification component in your utility bar so users can access their Quip Notifications no matter what page they're working on in Salesforce. 


Quip Actions for Process Builder & Flow Builder

Process Builder and Flow Builder include standard Quip actions, so you can easily include Quip documents and chat rooms in your automated Salesforce processes. You can also deploy customized auto-fill Quip templates and standardized Quip documents based on specific actions taken in their connected Salesforce records.

See these Salesforce release notes for more information


Export Salesforce Reports

Option 1: Export Live Data

Open Salesforce reports into a Quip spreadsheet in a single click. The best part? Your data is live – when something is updated in Salesforce, it's instantly updated in Quip too. You'll never have to worry about whether the data you're looking at is out of date.

Discuss your reports and share unprecedented, real-time deal information in sales meetings. With data that's always up to date, you can easily generate consensus and make better decisions together.


Option 2: Export Salesforce Report Data

Open Salesforce reports into a Quip spreadsheet and choose a Spreadsheet Report to further analyze data. Discuss and collaborate on the numbers to drive accountability and visibility across your team.

With Quip, you maintain the hyperlinks to Salesforce for quick assess to relevant objects and records.
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Create Quip Spreadsheets from Salesforce List Views

Put your list views to work by turning them into spreadsheets in Quip. Sort, filter, and process your data using hundreds of spreadsheet functions. @Mention colleagues to start real-time discussions. Even add your generated spreadsheet into other Quip docs.

Salesforce Record Live App

With Live Apps like Salesforce Record, double entry can be a thing of the past.

Bring in relevant Standard and Custom object records into your Quip document with a simple at mention. Then, update the relevant fields and sync back to your Salesforce with a click of a button.


Details: Quip supports most field types and custom objects but there are a few exceptions. Since we are consistently adding capabilities, please try Salesforce Record in your instance before working with your Quip Specialist.


Sign into Quip with Salesforce SSO

Easily access your team's existing Quip site by signing in with your Salesforce credentials. Connect to your teammates, and your customers in a whole new way.

Complete the required setup steps

Follow this guide to set up the integrations that are right for your site.


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