Lesson 1: Get started with Quip

Get started with Quip

In this video, we will discuss: The power of the @ mention, Reminders & Tasks, Real time collaboration & conversation, Folders & Sharing, Live Apps and Quip Slides.

Lesson Time: 20 minutes
Video length: 10 minutes


  1. Try something simple in Quip:
    1. Create a new document for one of the following:
      1. Meeting notes for your next team meeting
      2. Team Out-of-Office Calendar
  2. Test out the @ key on your new template!


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What's included in this training?

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Quip ⬅
Lesson 2: Why you don't need email to get your work done
Lesson 3: Create project plans in Quip
Lesson 4: How I start my day in Quip
Lesson 5: Work smarter with folders & sharing
Lesson 6: Quick tips: organizing your private folder
Lesson 7: How to solicit feedback without a meeting in Quip
Lesson 8: How to deploy your teams on Quip
Lesson 9: Access Quip on mobile

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