Lesson 9: Access Quip on mobile

Access Quip on mobile

Learn more about accessing Quip on your mobile device!


Lesson Time: 8 minutes


giphy__1_.gif Quip for Mobile!

You should be able to start working on a document at your laptop, pick up where you left off in a conference room using your iPad, and make some last minute edits from your iPhone in an elevator. When you switch to Quip, you can say goodbye to inconsistent mobile and desktop connections and hello to the new mobile productivity suite. You can finally work from anywhere, without fail.

Work online or offline

We live in a world of unpredictable connectivity — you never know when you'll hit a dead zone or the Wi-Fi will stop working on your flight. Quip keeps working on any device when your Internet stops. That means you can continue creating documents, making edits, and sending messages while you're offline. As soon as your Internet connection returns, your edits will sync with the network.

Set your notifications so you don't miss a beat

For notifications about documents and chat rooms, you have three options:

  • “Notify for activity about you” is the default option, here. And it means what it says: you'll get notifications about the activity that's directly relevant to you:
    • @Mentions of your name in a document or chat
    • @Mentions of “@everyone” in a document or chat that you're part of
    • Someone adding you to a document, folder, or chat
    • Someone adding a document to a shared folder that you're part of
    • Responses to one of your comments in a doc
    • Comments on an edit you've made
    • Likes of your comments or chats
    • Likes of comments or chats you're mentioned in
    • Someone opening a document you've shared with them
    • Requests for access to a document that you're part of
    • Reminders for dates you've @mentioned (This is a very handy feature, and it benefits from further explanation. See below.)
  • “Notify for all new activity” is for people who want a birds-eye view of everything happening in their Quip docs and chats. Besides all the notifications listed above, you'll get updates about these activities:
    • Edits to a document you're a part of
    • Chat messages, in conversations that you're a part of, that don't mention them by name
    • Comment threads on content you haven't created, or that don't @mention you
  • “Don't show notifications” is pretty self-explanatory. If you don't want notifications, this is the setting for you.

For notifications regarding direct messages, you have two options:

  • "Notify for all new messages" is the default. You'll be notified about every direct message that's sent to you.
  • "Don't show notifications" means you won't get any notifications about direct messages that are sent your way.

How do you get the mobile app?

Easy! Download it on your iOS or Android device to get started now.

Quip works on most devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or better.
Download Quip in the Google Play store.
Quip works on any device running iOS 8 or above.
Download the Quip app from the App Store.


  1. Download the mobile app!
  2. Access a chat or document from the app


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