Automated user provisioning & deprovisioning using the Quip SCIM API

Looking to reduce the manual steps of granting and revoking access to Quip for employees? Quip's SCIM API is here to help! SCIM stands for "System for Cross-domain Identity Management" and is open API for managing identities is now complete and published under the IETF.

Whether you centrally manage employee onboarding & offboarding in Okta, OneLogin, Active Directory or another identity provider, you can connect the Quip SCIM API to your identity provider as a source of truth.

Once your company's identity provider system is connected to Quip's SCIM API, it will enable the following:

  • During your onboarding process for a new employee, when you create their identity in your IdP, a new Quip user account will be programmatically created for that employee
  • During your offboarding processes, disabling an employee's identity in your IdP will automatically trigger the disabling of the corresponding Quip user account for that employee

Interested in setting up SCIM with Quip? Just submit a request to the Quip Support team and we'll get you on your way.

Technical documentation can be found here.

Note: API access is only available for Quip Enterprise customers. Contact us for more information.

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