When to Copy, Move, or Add Documents

If you want to duplicate or change locations of a document in Quip it can get a bit tricky figuring out which choice to pick. Here's a quick guide to each!

Copy Document...

The Copy Document item in the Document drop-down menu will do just that, and only that. It will copy a document and allow you to place the copy in the folder it was originally created in, or your Private Folder. You cannot place a copy in any other Shared or Group Folder.

You can edit your new duplicate without affecting your original copy. If you decide you don't need it, delete it, with no fear of losing the other.




Right above Copy Document, in the Document drop-down list, you will find the Move to Folder option. This option has two choices that are explained in more detail below. They may sound similar, but the differences are critical.

Move to Another Folder...

You should choose the Move to Another Folder option if you want your document in a new location without any copies. This option allows you to choose which Folder you would like your document to live in. You can choose from any of your Shared or Group Folders to place your document.

When using Move to Another Folder, your document will disappear from its original location. It now only lives in the folder you chose.

Add to Other Folders...

Choosing Add to Other Folders means you will have two identical copies of the same document, living in two different folders. Think of these documents as being linked. What happens to the original will happen to the duplicate and vice versa.

Be careful! This also means, that if either one is deleted the other is as well.

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