How do I add Salesforce users to my Quip site?

In order for a Salesforce user to use Quip in Salesforce integrations, they must have a Quip account. There are multiple ways to add both Salesforce and non-Salesforce users to your Quip site.

Option 1: Allow users to join based on their Salesforce account

Quip admins can connect a Salesforce organization to their Quip site and allow any user in that organization to join the Quip site. This method doesn't require the Quip admin to set up an account for each individual user - anybody with a Salesforce account in the linked org can automatically join your Quip site by signing up for Quip using their Salesforce credentials.

Make sure that you (or another Salesforce admin) has gone through the steps to connect Salesforce and Quip before you link your Salesforce org.


Setup Instructions

  1. Navigate to the Quip Admin Console
  2. On the left, click Settings > Salesforce
  3. Under “Salesforce Org Member Policy” click Add Salesforce Org
  4. Enter your Salesforce administrator credentials and click Log In
  5. Click Add Salesforce Org

Users can now join your site by logging in to Quip with the 'Sign in with Salesforce' button.

In order to @mention a user in Quip you must also complete Option 2 below.

Option 2: Provision user accounts from Salesforce or by email address

New users who are provisioned through the admin console can be @mentioned in documents and chats, even before they log in to Quip for the first time. You can either connect to Salesforce and provision users from your org, or provide a CSV of name-email pairs.

Before provisioning, you'll need to connect the email domains for all of the email addresses you wish to provision. Note that provisioning does not work for shared domains, such as

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Add company domain to Quip site


  1. Navigate to the Quip Admin Console
  2. On the left, click Settings > Accounts & Access
  3. Under “Email Domain & Member Policy” click Add Domain and go through the verification flow

Step 2: Provision Users


  1. Navigate to the Quip Admin Console
  2. Select Provision Members in the top-right corner and go through the provisioning flow

When a user signs in to with an email address you've provisioned, they will automatically be added to your Quip site.

Note: If an email address for a user is already associated with an account in another Quip site, you'll need to instead invite them to your site.

Option 3: Invite users by email

You can invite users to your Quip site via email.

There are several places you can invite a user:

  • Clicking Add Members from the Account page and entering the email addresses to add.
  • Clicking Share in a Quip document and entering the email addresses you want to share the document with.

When you invite a user, Quip will send an email with a link for them to join your Quip site.

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