When should I use Move to Another Folder vs. Add to Other Folders?

Here at Quip we like to use folders to help stay organized and maximize efficiency. However, sometimes it can be challenging to determine which folder or folders are most appropriate for your given situation; thankfully with Quip you have a few options to help make your life easier.

Move to another folder:

“Move to another folder” allows users to migrate a document from one folder to another. This can be extremely useful when creating an initial project plan or proposal document in your private folder and later moving it to a more specific folder or one that is shared with a wider audience.

Add to other folders:

Unlike “move to another folder,” “add to other folders” allows for a document to exist in multiple folders. Despite it living in multiple locations it is the exact same document (Yay! no versioning). Having a document exist in various folders has a multitude of applications, especially for cross-functional teams. Try adding important, project specific documents to your own personal folder to help stay organized and laser-focused.

But how can I tell which folder(s) my document lives in? Once looking at your document, navigate your cursor to the document title. Next to your document title will be a “Multiple Folders” tag. By clicking this drop-down you can easily see which folders your document resides in.

How to access:

Please follow the below steps!

  1. Open the “Document” Menu
  2. Hover over “Move to Folder”


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