How to customize my notifications for a specific document

Do you feel like you're missing important updates in a document? Would you like to ensure you're staying on top of any and all activity in a document near and dear to you? Or maybe you're getting too many notifications from a very active document? By changing your notification preferences for a particular document, you can customize the way you're notified on a per document basis.

Please follow the below steps!

  1. Open the “Document” Menu
  2. Hover your cursor over “Advanced”
  3. Click “Notification Settings...”


  • Choose your notification type
    • Desktop
      • You have a choice between
        • Notify for all new activity
          • This means that you will receive notifications for any and all activity that takes place in a document
        • Notify for activity about you
          • You will receive notifications for any @mentions, shares or comments
        • Don't show notifications
          • Fairly self explanatory - you will no longer receive any notifications for this document


    • Mobile
      • The above notification preferences can also be applied to mobile notifications!


    • Don't show in Updates tab
      • You will no longer see updates made in this document in your comprehensive updates tab
    • Don't notify me for broadcasts
      • You will not receive notifications for broadcasted messages that have @everyone included in them



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