How do I use spreadsheets in Quip documents?

Love creating spreadsheets in Quip? Love them so much that you want them in your documents too? Well don't worry you can make it happen!

As you know, spreadsheets are a great way to visually represent an important data set. But sometimes that data requires context, discussion or visibility that independent spreadsheets won't necessarily be able to provide. Often our users find value in utilizing spreadsheets inside of Quip documents to provide greater context and foster discussion in and around your data.

Follow these easy steps to insert a spreadsheet into your document!

Insert a blank spreadsheet:

  1. Select the area of the document you would like to insert the spreadsheet
  2. Type “@spreadsheet” and click insert




Have an existing spreadsheet in quip?

  1. Simply type the “@” symbol and the title of the spreadsheet to mention it in your current document or spreadsheet
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