Adding "Favorites" to your team's sidebar

The “Favorites” section of your Quip sidebar is where your members can add shortcuts to the documents (and chats, and folders) that they need easy access to. You, as an admin, can set things up so specific documents are already favorited for your members. It's a handy way to steer them toward wikis, project plans, briefs, or other documents that might be helpful to everyone on a team.


All you need to do is:

1) Go the document you want to add to everyone's Favorites. Click Share and enable Sharable Link.

2) Click Link Setting to set your desired permissions setting on either View, Edit & Comment or View Only

3) Click Copy to copy the URL.



4) Go to the admin console.

5) Go to the Settings tab, then select User Defaults then Add Favorite.


6) Paste the URL into the Document URL field under New Default Favorite.


7) Click Add Favorite and the document will show up in members' sidebars, as if by magic. But it 's not magic. It's Quip.

Side note: when clicking Add Favorites, the Default Favorites will appear on the top of the list in the Favorites Drawer.

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