Creating a custom banner message

Admins can show a constant banner message to all web and desktop app users in their Quip site. It'll live in a banner across the bottom the Quip window, and appear on every screen in Quip.

What might you use this for?

  • Legal notices
  • New feature announcements
  • Links to globally helpful documentation
  • Training material during the launch process
  • Whatever else you might want every user in your organization to know about

To set a banner message:

1) Go to your email in the bottom left> Manage Site and Apps> Admin Console


2) Go to the Site Settings tab of your admin console> Under the Banner Message heading, click the toggle.


3) A banner message can be up to 140 characters long, and have text and emoji, but no links, bolding, italics, or other formatting. You can optionally specify that the message should contain a "Learn more" link, and you can specify the URL that link goes to. Additionally...

  • You can choose between a bright blue, perfect for important required messages, or a lighter blue, great for less urgent informative notices.
  • You can choose whether your users are able to dismiss the message, or whether it's always shown.


Any link you include will show up under Learn More.


To change the message, click the "Message Settings" button in the Site Settings tab. You also see one additional option, “Display this message again to users who have dismissed it." If you select this checkbox and hit Update Banner Message, the banner will display again to any users who have dismissed it — even if you don't make any other changes.

To turn off the message, just hit the toggle again, and the message won't be shown to users anymore.


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