How to Add a Group Folder

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Now that we have a strategy, let’s get to the how. This walks through how to set up a group folder and how to manage the members.

Creating a New Group Folder:

  • Navigate to the “Admin Console“ by clicking on your picture in the bottom left> “Manage Site and Apps”> “Admin Console”
  • From the “Admin Console” go to the “Group Folders” then to “New Group Folder”


  • Here you create a “Group Folder Name” and add members by email, up to 50 at a time.


  • Once you have created the group it will show up on the “Group Folders” tab.


  • From here you can click into the “Group Folder Name” to view, add, or remove members.


  • You can also “provision members” which means you can add members to the group before they have even signed up for their Quip Account.


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