Setting up advanced security & discovery workflows

For the scenarios where your company requires access to all of your Quip users’ content and data, special access privileges can be enabled for one or more admins.

Admin API: For more scalable site-wide security workflows, access to the Admin API can be enabled either as a read-only privilege or a read-write privilege. Admins with either of these privileges can access all content and data in your company’s Quip site. Use cases where this level of programmatic access may be appropriate include integrations for: eDiscovery, CASB, threat monitoring, and more.

Audit Mode: For Quip admins who need to investigate content and activity of one or more Quip users, Audit Mode can be enabled to provide enhanced permissions and visibility within the Admin Console. Typically, Quip admins will use Audit Mode for one-off, limited searches for content and recent activity.

With Audit Mode enabled, an admin can export company data (JSON format) as well as perform the following additional actions for each site member:

  • View a list of all threads
  • View a PDF of each thread’s content
  • View the conversation for each thread
  • Add members to any thread

Enabling Audit Mode or Admin API access: Due to the highly sensitive nature of these access levels, please reach out to Quip Support or your Quip Customer Success Manager to request these capabilities.

For your reference, our Success team member will contact your executive directly with an email that follows the format provided below:

Hi ___,

___has requested that Quip enable [read-only or read-write] Admin API access for [email address of the admin account to give Admin API access] for the following use case:

[Use Case]

This Admin API permission grants this user access to all Quip content and data in your company's Quip site, so we require written executive approval to acknowledge that you understand the sensitivity and potential risks of granting this level of access to the user account stated above.

If you understand the scope of this access and approve of Quip granting Admin API access to the email address listed above, please reply all with “I approve.” Otherwise please let us know if you have any questions.

Event Monitoring: Access to the API endpoints that enable tracking real-time events at a Quip site or performing investigations into historical events requires an Event Monitoring subscription. Learn more about Event Monitoring or Quip Shield

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