How to Log A Call in Salesforce Without Leaving Quip

Have you ever wished that you could log a call in Salesforce without leaving your Quip document? With Quip’s Log a Call Button you can log your important Salesforce calls from the convenience of a Quip document. These logged calls will directly sync back to your instance of Salesforce to ensure that all records are up to date.

Before you can log a call or complete similar actions, make sure you have your Quip and Salesforce accounts connected! To do so, access your profile icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Select Manage Salesforce Orgs. From there, simply log into your Salesforce account to get started!


Try it out!

Accessing the Log a Call button is incredibly easy in Quip! The button is conveniently located in the toolbar at the top of your document.

  • Let’s start first by clicking the blue Cloud button to access the Log a Call functionality!




  • Click Log a Call to continue in this process! You will then be prompted to Select a Related to field. 
  • You can choose between Account, Lead, Opportunity, Contact or Case records. For the purpose of this example, you will see what it looks like to log a call on an Account.




  • Upon selecting Account as the record type, you will be prompted to select the specific Account from which you would like to log a call.




  • After selecting the Account, you now have the opportunity to add in a Subject, Comments and identify the specific Contact.




    • From within Subject, you have the ability to select from a few pre-built options; however, feel free to enter your own subject when applicable.


  • Next you will add in your comments. This is when you will want to include your important call notes for future context or decision making!




  • Lastly, you will want to identify the specific Contact that you called. This is to ensure that not only the call is logged on the Account record but also the Contact record.




  • Just hit Save for the following pop-up to appear.




Congratulations! You’ve successfully logged a call in Salesforce directly from your instance of Quip!



Are you someone who likes to check or double-check what you’ve done to ensure that it was executed correctly? Let’s take a look at our activity in Salesforce to verify that this activity was successfully logged!

  • First, let’s check to see if the activity is logged on the Account, Ohana Inc. Navigate to your specified Account. As you can see below, the call is discoverable under Past Activities.




  • Next, navigate to the contact from which you logged the call. You will clearly see that the call you logged can easily be seen under Past Activities.




You have now not only successfully logged a call from within Quip but verified that these actions have been executed correctly! If you have any issues or further questions please reach out to Quip Support.

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