What is Salesforce Record Linking?

Salesforce Record Linking provides users with the ability to quickly navigate from a Quip document to any associated record in Salesforce. Users can accomplish this task in two ways: either directly in Salesforce, or from within Quip. Let’s take a look at Salesforce Record Linking in both Salesforce and in Quip.

Salesforce Record Linking in Salesforce:

  • We’ll be working from a Campaign record in Salesforce




  • Navigate to the tab that houses your Quip Document Component for the specific record.




  • Next, you will select “New Document from Template.”




  • Upon clicking “New Document from Template” the document will be auto-populated with data from the specified record in Salesforce. You can see an example of this below.




  • By clicking the 4-arrowed Expand Button, you can access your fully functioning Quip document. In this instance, you’ll access Expanded Mode to identify that the newly created document has been linked directly with the specified record.




  • From within Expanded Mode, click the blue Cloud button to see if we successfully linked the document to the Salesforce record.




  • Success! As you can see below, the new document has been directly associated with the Customer Conference - Email Invite (Sample) Campaign record we were originally working from.



It's that simple!



Salesforce Record Linking in Quip:

  • Now let’s take a look at how we can accomplish the same functionality but without leaving Quip! For this example, you will see how to associate the same document that was originally associated with a Campaign record, with an Opportunity.




  • For this example, let’s search “mortgage” to link this document with the Mortgage Refinance opportunity. Just click Add to associate this document with the specific Mortgage Refinance opportunity.




  • Once you have associated the document with the relevant Salesforce records, you will click Done.




  • To view the Associated Records from Salesforce, simply just click the blue Cloud button in the top right-hand corner of your document screen in Quip.




  • Upon clicking the blue cloud the below window will appear. You can now see that the document has been linked to both the listed Campaign and Opportunity. Click the Mortgage Refinance opportunity to be taken to this specific record in Salesforce.




  • You will immediately be taken to this record in your instance of Salesforce.




Now you can easily access your important and relevant Salesforce records from within associated Quip documents!

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