How to view and track externally shared content

Externally Shared Content

From the Admin Console you can track externally shared content. Navigate to the externally shared content tab to view a list of the externally shared documents, as well as details such as creator, number of external users and whether link sharing is on.


By clicking the dropdown on the right, you can choose to view the externally shared document in Quip, or remove external members from the document.

To view the document and remove an external user click the down arrow and then view in Quip {see red arrow above}. From within Quip you can click “Share“ and then can manage or remove access for specific users. You can also adjust the link settings to make it not shareable via link or to change the access level given by the link.


Publicly Shared URLs

Similarly in the “Publicly Shareable URLs“ tab in the admin console you can view all of the publically shared URLs. 


Again you can see what level of access the link gives and can click into Quip to view the document and adjust the link settings as needed. To adjust the link settings click "Share" > "Link Settings" > "Allow Access outside.."


External Users of Group Folders

Moving down to group folders, here we can see any external users that are a part of a group folder and which group folder they have access to.


To remove access from a group folder go to the group folders tab in the admin console, click into the folder name and then “remove” that member from the group folder.


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