Backup Policy

Backing up our customer data is critical to our success as a product. Quip uses industry-standard best practices to back up our customer data.

Backup Policy

  • Live Data
    • All persistent customer data is stored on Multi-AZ Amazon RDS instances.
    • Amazon maintains RDS data on EBS volumes for each instance.
    • Due to the Multi-AZ deployment, Amazon maintains a replica of all customer data in an additional Availability Zone.
    • In addition, Quip maintains its own complete replica of all serving databases (master-slave) in another, additional region.
  • Incremental Backups
    • Quip maintains constant, point-in-time incremental backups of all live databases.
    • These allow us to jump to any point in time over the past day, in the case of a partial outage.
  • Snapshots
    • Quip maintains daily snapshots of all production databases, which include all customer data.
    • Snapshots are stored outside of RDS on Amazon S3 file storage and replicated across the world.
    • Snapshots are sufficient to bring back the entire site in the case of a catastrophic failure.
    • We retain at least 2 weeks of full system backups.

Review of Procedures

All backup policies will be reviewed and updated by the Head of Engineering.

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