Email Template Example: Implement Quip for Customer 360 with your teams

Looking for inspiration? Customize this email template to launch Quip for Customer 360 with your teams.


Hi Team,

We're excited to announce that [Company Name] has moved to Quip for [enter use-case. For expl: Account Transitions and Account Planning.] This move is going to reduce our reliance on internal emails while helping us improve collaboration and communication.

  • With Quip for [enter use case. For exp: Account Planning, Case swarming, ect.] in Salesforce, our teams can work together on a living and ever-evolving strategy that is reportable and easily editable within Salesforce.
  • This process can be integrated with other important data sources, and provides an industry-first approach to account whitespacing.
  • Our goal is to have an improved customer experience through superior conversations, successful account plan handoffs/transitions, and improved adherence to our roadmaps.

Quip is packed with unique functionality you've likely never had in a document before. You can embed bidirectionally syncing Salesforce data, live and always up-to-date Salesforce reports, interactive polls, calendars, images, project trackers, and other third-party apps directly into the Quip document.

How to get started

Note about this template email: Steps 1 & 2 will be different for every company based on how the Salesforce Admin has setup Quip inside of Salesforce. Please work with your Quip Admin to document the correct steps for your team.

[Best practice: Work with your Quip AE or CSM to pre-provision all Quip users before sending this email, and set up SAML for the most seamless end-user experience.]

  1. [Expl:] Go to Salesforce > Select one of your Account pages > click on the new “[X] Tab
  2. [Expl if you're using Templates:] Select “New Document from Template
    • [If SAML has not yet been setup]
      The first time you use Quip in Salesforce you be directed to a new screen where you'll be asked to enter your email address.
  3. Fill out the document with the relevant information
  4. Share the document with your manager and team so they are notified to collaborate with you on the document.
  5. Quip Tips:
    1. Try making comments directly on your Quip documents with the expanded view
    2. Type the @ key to quickly mention your team, other Quip documents, and Quip functionality
    3. Download the Quip mobile app to use Quip on your phone and while offline (note it's a mobile separate app from our Salesforce mobile App)

[If applicable]

Attend one of Quip’s weekly trainings here: Register here.

When to use Quip

  1. We are starting our use of Quip in Salesforce for [Enter your use-case here. for expl:]



    • Account Transitions
    • Account Planning
    • Case Swarming

If you're interested in using Quip for other collaborative projects, check out these Quip templates

If you aren't able to find the info you need with Quip's online guides, Quip's Support Team is ready to help, simply create a Support Case in Salesforce.


[Your Name]

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