Supported Field types for Salesforce Record Live App

The Salesforce Record Live App grants Quip for Customer 360 users the ability to bring live Salesforce data into their documents in real-time. These records automatically update as information changes in Salesforce to ensure that data is accurate when you call upon it. Listed below are the field types that are currently supported. This list will continue to grow over time.


Field Type Record Live App List Live App
Currency Edit Edit
Date Edit Edit
Date/Time Edit Edit
Email Edit Edit
Lookup Relationship View View
Number Edit Edit
Percent Edit Edit
Phone Edit Edit
Picklist Edit Edit
Picklist (Multi-Select) Edit View
Text Edit Edit
Text (Encrypted) View View
TextArea Edit Edit
TextArea (Rich) * View * View *
URL Edit Edit


* Numbered and bulleted lists not currently supported.  

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