Live Paste

What is Live Paste?

Live Paste is a simple way to reference sections of one document within a different document. When you make updates to the source sections all referenced sections will be automatically updated. Live Paste aims to help users establish a single source of truth for any information that needs to be shared across documents, across teams, and across organizations.


How does Live Paste work?

Use Live Paste to reference a section of a document on one or many other documents. Save your clicks and time by having all your data updated across any document. It’s simple! Follow the steps below on how to use Live Paste.

  1. Copy some content in Quip
    Just select and copy document or spreadsheet content as you always would
  2. Paste - then choose Live Paste
    When you paste into a different document, this menu lets you create a Live Paste
  3. Navigate to the document where you would like to paste your data and use the keyboard shortcut, Command - V for Mac and CTRL-V for PC, to Live Paste your content on to your document
  4. Then click the menu and select live paste

Note: The clipboard paste menu will appear if the content is Live-Paste-able. 


How do I know if content from different documents has been Live Pasted?

Notice that once you have Live Pasted your content onto the document a light purple line will appear to the pasted text. This line indicates that this section is synced to the source.


To unlink Live Paste click the Live Paste icon above the Live Paste section and click Unlink. This will unlink the content but will not delete it.


Live Paste FAQs

Q: If I update source data how long does it take to the data to be updated on Live Paste.
A: Changes will Update Automatically but can take a couple of minutes to reflect the changes.

If you would like the data to update immediately click the Live Paste icon above your Live Paste section and a box will appear below with update options including:

  • Update Now - By clicking update now your data will be in sync with the original source.
  • Update Automatically - this allows your data to automatically update the same time its documented source changes. Once this option has been chosen it will be highlighted with a blue checkmark. If you do not want the content to be updated automatically, you can simply click on Update Automatically to uncheck that option.

If Update Automatically is selected, the content will automatically be synced without having to click for updates. However, if this option is not selected (Not highlighted with a blue check) you will have to manually click Update Now for your content to be updated.


Q: How do I know if a section of content has been Live Pasted onto a different document
A: You can tell by clicking onto the section of the content that was Lived Pasted and the name of the person that had used that section will appear next to the content in purple.


Q: Why can’t I view the documents that referenced the Live Pasted content?
A: If you are not shared into a document that used the content as a reference, the document's name will simply not be shown and will be considered a private thread.


Q: If I delete my referenced content will it delete the source content?
A: No, the only way to delete the original source content is to delete it directly on the source document.

Q: If I delete the source content the Live Pasted from will all the Live Pasted content also be deleted?
A: Yes.

Q: Will additional content I add to a source that has been Lived Pasted elsewhere be included in the Live Paste?
A: It depends. Adding on to a list (bulleted or numbered) will be included in the Live Paste. However, adding a new section (i.e a paragraph to an existing paragraph section) will not. Adding content to the end of an existing section will be included because you are not creating a new section.

Q: Can I Live Paste images, GIFs, and videos?
A: Yes you can use Live Paste with images. If you update the image in the source content it will update the image in the referenced content.

Q: Can I Live Paste tables in a document?
A: Yes.

Q: Will Live Paste work on Spreadsheet and Slides?
A: Live Paste does not support Spreadsheets and Slides. However, with spreadsheets you can use Data Referencing which is quite similar to Live Paste. Read Data Referencing to learn more.

Q: Will I receive a notification once the data has been updated?
A: No, when the pasted content has been updated, it will sync itself automatically without notification. If not set to automatically update, you would need to click update now to show updated data. In this case there would be no notification.

Q: Will it support Live Apps?
A: No, Live Apps can not be part of the content you Live Paste.

Q: Can you view who updates the Live Paste?
A: As Live Paste will sync itself, you cannot view who updated the content on your document. However, you can view the changes made through the original source document (if you have access to the source document) on the conversation pane.

Q: Is there a limit to using Live Paste?
A: No, there is no limit to using Live Paste. You can add as much content within your documents as long as you have access to them.

Q: If I reference @mentions will I receive double notifications?
A: When someone is @mentioned they will receive one notification from the source document but will not receive multiple notifications if that @mention is Live Pasted.

Q: Who can create Live Paste and update data?
A: Anyone who has edit access to the document can make changes.

Q: If you change the formatting (i.e font color, highlighting, etc.) will these changes be reflected in the Live Pasted content.
A: Yes, formatting carries over in Live Paste.

Q: Does a Quip Admin have the ability to enable or disable automatic updates?
A: Yes, learn more in Disabling Automatic Updates with Live Paste.

Q: Can you use Live Paste to automate with Quip for Customer 360?
A: Yes, Live Paste is useful in templates used within Salesforce. For example, this automation could take parts of a built-out Account Plan and automatically place some of that key information in a Close Plan when the opportunity moves towards a close. This saves the team time and ensures the account information is up to date. Yes, to learn more read Content with Live Paste from a Process.

Q: What happens when the person who inserted the Live Pasted content leaves the company or loses access to the source thread?
A: In this case, you will see an error and stop syncing updates to the Live Pasted destination section. If someone else has access to the source document they can re-link it.

Fun ways to use Live Paste

There are three main ways to think of how Live Paste can help your team be more efficient.

  • Distributive: Duplicating information from one source document to many destination documents.
    • Examples: Content management for internal documentation, templates.
  • Aggregative: Gathering distributed content from various source documents into a single “dashboard” document.
    • Examples: Rolling up executive briefings, group task lists, and team status trackers
  • Flat: Duplicating pertinent information across related documents
    • Examples: Organizing accounts, projects, and launches that sprawl across many documents. Handing off account information from sales to deployment to executives.

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas for Live Paste to get started.

Up to date content
Use copy and Live Paste once and rest assured your pasted content is always up to date. Varun is on the Sales team and uses Live Paste to reference the account summary content from his Account Plan onto the five other account documents that need a summary. When key content in the account summary is updated on the Account Plan he knows his Live Paste content will always be up to date, without having to copy and paste again.

Distribute Information
Maria is a Product Manager and wants to have one master document with all of the upcoming product release summaries in one place. She uses Live Paste to add all the summaries to one document, knowing if anything is updated on the source product release documents it will automatically be reflected on her master document.

Secure Content Sharing
If you have people who only need to see a certain part of a document you can reference that information on a separate document using Live Paste. Maria is the VP of Engineering and wants to share select content out to the engineering team without including all the details on this secret project. Maria uses Live Paste to share select content with the right people.


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