Session Timeouts and Platform Restrictions

What is Platform Management?

Platform management allows admins to set account-wide, platform specific restrictions for your users.

  • Session Timeouts - Admins can control how long users can access Quip before needing to sign in again. Admins can also setup a separate session length specifically for the Admin Console.
  • Platform Restriction - Admins can determine which platforms are accessible to their end users and block specific platform access.

Configuring Session Timeouts and Platform Restrictions

After logging into the Admin console, click on Settings > Security, then Platform Management. Users can click on the button to manage the session length and platform access.


Session Lengths

  • Session lengths determine the timeframe after which a user will be required to log in again, regardless of their activity.
  • Session lengths are calculated based on the user sign in time. If a session length is reduced from 12 hours to 2 hours, the users session will expire 2 hours after their sign in.
  • When a session length ends, users will be logged out and prompted to login again.

Admin Console

  • With this release, Admins need to log in to access the Quip Admin Console.
  • When switching from a quip site to the admin console, if a session has not been established or has expired, Admins will need to log in again.
  • Under the Platform Management setting, admins can set a separate session length for the Admin Console. This allows Admin to set a shorter session length than accessing their main Quip site.

Platform Restriction

  • Users will receive an error message when attempting to log in to a blocked platform.
  • If an admin blocks platform access, the admin has a choice to immediately sign out all currently logged in users or block users from the platform the next time the user attempts to log in.

Session Timeout Range

  • For accessing Quip, the range starts at 12 hours up to 365 days. We recognize that some customers may want shorter session timeouts, but for the sake of reducing end user frustration the lowest we are allowing is 12 hours.
  • For accessing the Quip Admin console, the session length can be set as low as 15 minutes. The Admin console session length has these additional options: 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours.
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