Bulk Organization

Move and delete multiple items at the same time

You can move or delete multiple documents, spreadsheets, chatrooms, and folders at the same time. This can help you stay organized and save time getting organized.

1) Navigate to Folders and switch to List View (View → List View)


2. Select the items you want to move or delete.

For mouse users:

  • Select multiple items by holding down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) and clicking on each item
  • Right-click selected items and choose Move to Folder, Add to Other Folders or Delete Items, or select the same options from the Item menu in the toolbar

For keyboard and screenreader users:

  • Hold Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) and up/down arrow keys to navigate through the list view without selecting an item. Use the right and left arrows to expand/contract folders)
  • Press Space to select each item you want to move or add to folders
  • Navigate to the Item menu in the toolbar using Tab, shift+F6, or the “Toolbar banner“ landmark (screenreader only)


3) To Move to Folder or Add to Other Folders, you can simply right-click on your items and select Move to Folder.


4) After selecting Move to Folder or Add to Other Folders, a screen of options will appear directing you to choose your desired folder to move/add your documents into.

5) Once you’ve selected the folder, click the Move/Add button and your documents will be transferred or added over to that folder.


For more information on the difference between Move to Folder and Add to Other Folders read When should I use Move to Another Folder vs. Add to Other Folders?

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