How to set your User Status

What is a User Status

User Status allows Quip users to better connect with others by simply letting them know what they are up to and whether or not they are available. It’s a simple status you can set to let others know you’ll be away!

Using Emojis for your User Status not only makes your status fun and quirky, but it also helps others understand what you’re up to or where you might be when you’re offline. So don’t forget to use emojis when you set your status! Here are some example of use cases you can use when you’re offline:

  • 🏡  WFH (Working From Home)
  • 🏖 or🏝️ or🌴  Vacation/OOO
  • 🤒  Out sick
  • ✈️  Inflight
  • ☕️  Coffee break
  • 🍔  At lunch
  • 🗓️  In a meeting
  • 🧠⛈  Brainstorming

User Status doesn’t always have to be set when you’re offline, but you can use them for fun purposes and even by using emojis alone. Here are some examples down below:

  • 💃  Dancing it off
  • partying_face Celebrating
  • woman_superhero Quip Superhero

How to set your User Status

Get creative and have fun with the User Status! Follow the steps below to get started.

1) To set your user status, click on your icon below the sidebar.


2) Click on Profile and Status and your profile will appear on your screen. Below your name is the Status bar where you set your status and choose an emoji (optional).


3) After setting your status you have the option to choose whenever you would like your status to be up for depending on how long it applies. 


4) After you’ve set your status and expiration time, click Done. Your status has been set and it should appear below your name once someone messages you.


Now your user status is set and can be seen below your name in a direct message.


When you aren’t in a direct chat message you can easily view someone’s status by hovering your mouse over the emoji, their name, or even an “@mention” of their name to check their User Status.


Setting your User Status through Mobile

If you're on the go, you can set your status on the go using the Quip mobile app! Below are the steps to set your status.

1) Click on the Quip icon above the Updates pane

2) Click on Status and you will be directed to the status page.


3) Through mobile, you have a set of options for a quick status update! Just one click and you’re ready to go. Here are your quick update options:

  • 🗓 In a meeting
  • 🍔 At lunch
  • 🤒 Out sick
  • 🌴 On vacation

If you have something outside of those options you can type in your own status and you have the option to add an emoji.


4) After you’ve set your status it will be automatically saved and you can exit the Edit Status screen by tapping on Accounts, then tapping Done.


Setting your User Status is fast and simple, go ahead and give it a try!


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