Quip for Sales best practices

This multi-article guide includes the best practices that Quip for Customer 360 customers are currently implementing to increase productivity and transparency within their sales teams. This article series is not a technical setup guide, but instead serves as a space for users to learn about Quip for Sales best practices. Not all recommendations made in these articles will fit with your individual organization’s strategic initiative around Quip for Customer 360, instead they can be used as inspiration and viewed as thought leadership around how other customers are using this technology. After completing this guide you will be equipped with the knowledge to take these best practices and turn them into common practice within your organization.

You will learn how to:

  • Drive strategic account plans with Quip for Customer 360.
  • Update contextually rich opportunity notes without leaving Salesforce.
  • Close deals collaboratively with buyer and seller on the same document.

What is Quip for Sales?

Quip for Sales is focused on helping sales reps boost productivity with collaborative, living documents right inside Salesforce. By bringing documents, data, and processes into Salesforce, Quip can help your team centralize the processes that historically lived outside of Salesforce. Through speaking with customers, Quip has found that many organizations are looking to accomplish similar goals when it comes to Salesforce and Quip. These goals include:

  • Increasing employee engagement in the platform
  • Boosting productivity for sales teams
  • Driving greater customer value

The following guide will address the ways your team can achieve these goals, as well as real-life tips to ensure you’re implementing the best strategy within your organization.

Included sections:

The following future sections are included in this guide. If you wish to skip to particular sections you can do so from here.

Before moving on

Before you read the next section, Living Account Plans, watch this quick educational video to view what is possible when Quip and Salesforce work together.



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