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Account plans are key to building strong customer relationships so you can crush your goals. However, at most companies, these plans are usually a Q1 activity that is quickly forgotten about. These are typically a top-down directive leaving reps scrambling to throw together a document that leadership will like, instead of something that reps can actually use to drive strategy themselves. After investing the time and effort to craft an account plan with relevant data, it just takes a few days for all that work to be outdated and irrelevant. This is a missed opportunity to create a proper account plan, one that helps maximize revenue opportunities, solidifies team alignment, clarifies goals or understands customer needs.

What makes account planning different in Quip? Account planning in Quip is dynamic and relevant all year long. Check out the below sections to ensure your account plans are as effective as they can be.


Templates establish a set standard for what is expected of a sales rep. By taking you best practice process for account planning and turning it into your standard practice, everyone on your team can benefit from a structured document, one that is contoured to meet their needs while also challenging reps to dive deeper into analyzing their customer relationship. This means that leadership can audit documents and identify sections that require additional information or restructure templates in the future to address changing needs. Just like a document in Quip, templates are living. Admins can go in and make helpful additions or remove outdated sections of a template to ensure that your templates evolve with your and your customers’ needs.

Looking for some inspiration? Quip has worked with customers to create an account planning template that gives both Sales leaders and reps what they need. Try out the Living Account Plans Template. Getting a head-start by using this template can be great, but you can also customize it to your organization’s needs as well. Once you download it, it’s your template! For those of you who already have a template in mind, that’s fantastic. We strongly encourage you to utilize any existing documents that your team is already familiar with. Make sure to reach out to your admin to have these templates added to your Salesforce environment.

Work within Salesforce

Many Quip for Customer 360 customers benefit from accessing their documents from within their Salesforce environment. The close relationship between the two tools brings together the structured data that Salesforce has been providing its customers since day 1 with Quip’s fluid, collaborative documents that help customers make informed decisions and act at the right time. No matter what you're working on, by using Quip with Salesforce, you will always be executing upon what matters most while within the context of CRM.

Your account planning process should be no different. Quip customers glean the greatest value from their account planning creation and maintenance process when it takes place in Salesforce because reps and leadership alike work in Salesforce to log their calls, update important opportunities and create tasks to help them pull these deals across the finish line. Many reps are already spending most of their day in Salesforce so maintaining a living account plan, one with critical Salesforce data, from inside the Account record they're already working from is a logical best practice.

What's the real-world application here? A rep just got off the phone with a customer and on the next call will be introduced to a key player in the account. They log the call in Salesforce and create a contact for this new key player. Before moving onto the next to-do line item, this rep can open up their account plan and drop in the important information on this new person directly in their “key players” section of the account plan. This way, at the end of the deal cycle, when they need to pull in their own leadership to close this deal, their VP doesn't need to be synced on who's who in this account. They can check the account plan, on the Account record in Salesforce, to gain alignment on the account. Precious time in two people's calendars is now freed up to focus on critical selling motions.




Live Salesforce data

As mentioned in some of the previous sections, bringing live Salesforce data directly onto your account plans ensures that every data point is always up to date. By using the Salesforce Record, Salesforce List and Salesforce Report live apps reps no longer need to manually update information in their plans as relationships evolve. All of the source records and objects must exist in Salesforce; they can’t be created from Quip. The following sections provide a breakdown of each live app.

Salesforce Record:
The Salesforce Record live app places important structured Salesforce record data directly within a Quip document. This display of real-time CRM data means that users are always viewing accurate data. Need to update a record? You can do so directly from the live app. Any update to a record made in Quip is immediately reflected in Salesforce. Keep in mind that the Salesforce Record live app shows one record at a time so if you’re hoping to view multiple records within the same live app, the Salesforce List live app would be better suited for your needs. Additionally, this live app supports all standard and custom objects in your instance. Wanting to use this live app within a template? Template Mode helps reps, management and admins save precious time in their day by auto-initializing to the specified Salesforce Record. They will even maintain the same fields selected to optimize convenience.



Salesforce List:
The Salesforce List live app brings the power and context of your existing Salesforce Lists to the freeform structure of your Quip documents. You can see your Salesforce list views and related lists in Quip to save time from bouncing between Quip and Salesforce. Additionally, you can do bulk updates, sync your changes to Salesforce, and even add notes and next steps that you can share with your team automatically. Due to the bi-directionally syncing nature of this live app, any change you make in Quip will immediately be reflected in Salesforce, and vice versa. Template Mode can be used to auto-initialize a specified Salesforce Record. Learn more about Salesforce List Views in Quip.



Salesforce Report:
The Salesforce Report live app extends the effectiveness of the reports you use everyday in Salesforce. By placing a Salesforce Report in a Quip document, you can share this critical CRM data with users who typically wouldn’t have this level of access in Salesforce or simply create an additional space to view it. Just like all of these other live apps, the report must first exist in Salesforce for it to be populated in Quip. When populating a Salesforce Report in Quip, you have the choice of including this data as a spreadsheet or Live Data. A spreadsheet functions just like exporting a report to Excel, whereas Live Data auto-updates with any relevant changes from Salesforce. Regardless of which version you select, you cannot update data from a Salesforce Report. In the event that you need to update a record, it is recommended to use the Salesforce List live app. A great use case is filtering for activity from a particular user or keyword, using hashtags. Learn more about Filtered Salesforce Reports in Quip.




Genuine collaboration

Crafting and maintaining your account plan in Quip does not have to be a solo effort. Quip documents bring teams together and allow for people to work in unison by sharing ideas, providing perspective and communicating. Quip comments and the conversation pane offer users two unique ways to communicate directly with teammates. Using Quip on the go is made effortless by the Quip mobile app

Commenting in Quip is different than other collaboration tools. Accessing Quip comments is convenient, intuitive and direct. Either highlight a particular string of words or place a comment on a section to draw your colleagues’ attention to your area of focus. Anyone with Full Access, Can Edit or Can Comment access to a document can view and benefit from the information shared via comments.




Conversation Pane:
The conversation pane is not only a space to conduct broad level communication on a document but it also provides a visual representation of all the changes that occurred in a document since its inception. This grants users the ability to track the changes to their important documents, while allowing new document contributors to understand the decisions that lead to the document looking how it does today.



Want to learn more about about commenting and the Conversation Pane? Read this article, Comments and conversations.

Quip mobile:
The Quip mobile app grants users the ability to update their teammates and continue the conversation while on the go. Quip’s mobile capability shines brightest through the use of chat, comments and viewing Salesforce data. The Quip mobile app was designed to help users view and access the information important to them. You can also edit documents and spreadsheets just like you would on your computer. Keep in mind that you’ll want to insert any Salesforce or Quip live apps from the computer before switching to mobile if you’d like the view that information. Presently, users cannot make any edits to live apps from their mobile device. The mobile app keeps you connected with your team by taking Quip with you wherever you go. Learn more about the Quip mobile app.

Task management

Account plans are a crucial element in building strong relationships with your customers, but those relationships can begin to crumble when follow-up tasks aren’t executed upon. Salesforce has understood this since the beginning, and it’s largely why the Task functionality was introduced. Quip users can still benefit from creating new tasks while working directly from their account plan. Not only does this get the task in Salesforce, you never have to leave the page you are already on. Quip is here to help save reps time.

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