Collaborative Close Plans

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A collaborative close plan acts as an Account Executive’s roadmap for closing a deal. It features the critical milestones and action items for both the seller and buyer alike. These time-sensitive actions are an opportunity for a rep to show the customer the appropriate next steps, post-sales care process and naturally everything that must be completed to close the deal at hand. Even better than having this collaborative environment is storing this critical information right in Salesforce. What used to be multiple documents, email threads, and texts can now be combined in one view all within Salesforce, keeping the conversation about the opportunity directly in the opportunity record.

Share the plan

A rep’s hard work falls short if the close plan is not shared with all relevant parties at both organizations. By bringing the sales team together, reps can provide a white glove experience for every customer, not just the select few. By sharing the document with your customer, reps are allowing the customer to take responsibility for actions that they must take. It is important to request a target date for contract signing and solution implementation. This way you’re always working back from a date that the customer has targeted. This accountability is vital in prompting the customer can to work in the document by editing, commenting and completing tasks with defined due dates. By placing a portion of the responsibility on the customer, the rep can gauge the customer’s commitment and priorities.




Quality control

By using the Collaborative Close Plan template within your organization you can ensure that every rep is equipped with the best close plan to get the job done. Alternatively, your organization can create it’s own template for use in Salesforce. Including important information like an executive summary, key stakeholders, project plan and opportunity details will guarantee that any document participant is immediately up to speed on every nuance of the current opportunity.

Leverage CRM Data

Context is everything. Quip’s most successful customers make their customers successful by sharing the right information with the correct audience. When appropriate, include Salesforce data to keep both rep and customer informed during the deal cycle. It is key to maintain a sense of purpose for the Salesforce data that is included. With this data you can empower your reps and customers to engage in contextual collaboration to drive a deal forward in that critical moment.

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