All About Your New Quip Sidebar


The Quip Sidebar has a streamlined new look! So what exactly is changing? The biggest difference is that we’ve got a brand new icon: Home. Now rather than having separate drawers for updates, folders, favorited docs, recently opened docs, and docs that have been shared with you, everything is consolidated in one convenient place—Home. (Apps & Templates has also moved and can be found in your account menu, down in the bottom left corner of your screen.)

Here's what Home looks like: 


We’ve also redesigned the iOS app to match this new navigation and bring all of desktop Quip’s doc-finding features to mobile. Check it out.

iOS-Home.png     iOS-AllFiles.png

The Quip Sidebar

These 5 icons allow you to easily navigate through Quip. Let’s take a look.



Search is a quick way to find your content. With our advanced search filters finding any document is easy. Learn more with All About Search.



Home brings recent, frequent, and shared-with-you views under a single “All Files” umbrella. Additionally, it folds in the folders view, the updates feed, and your favorites collection. Whatever you’re looking for, and however you’re looking for it, you’ll find it in Home.

Home remembers where you left off. If you last had Home showing the all files view, then that's what you’ll see the next time you go to If you were looking at folders, then you’ll see your folders.

The contents of your home drawer:

All Files
All Files has tabs for Recent, Frequent and Shared content. Recent shows the recent files you have been working on. Frequent shows your most visited items. Shared shows the content that has been Shared with you, starting with the most recently shared and organized by date.

Folders keep all of your content organized. Learn more about folders here.

Updates are a helpful feed to help you stay in the loop on what is going on with your team. You can even filter by content type.

Favorites are a great way to stay organized and keep current projects top of mind. Check out Stay Organized with Favorites & Collections to learn more.



Notifications in Quip keep you up to date on actions you need to take and conversations you should be aware of. When you see a red number next to the bell you know there is a new notification. Learn more in All About Notifications.



Chat is where you can find all your direct messages. When you see a number next to the chat bubble you know you have a new direct message. To learn more check out Direct messages, explained.



Tasks keep you on track and ensure nothing important slips through the cracks. The task drawer keeps the tasks from all your projects in one place, all in the order they are due. You can check off completed tasks straight from the task drawer or click into the associated document for more context. Learn more about tasks in Using your task drawer.


Helpful Tips

Keyboard shortcuts

All the keyboard shortcuts that opened the old sidebar drawers still work with the new sidebar. Here are a few helpful ones to start out...

Shared with Me


To see all your shortcuts from within Quip, hit command-/ (on a Mac) or control-/ (on Windows). If you'd prefer to read about them on this support site, take a look at this article: What are Quip's keyboard shortcuts?

Mark as read

Did you know you can mark favorites, notifications, and chats as read? Sometimes you can get caught up at a glance, without even clicking into the update. Just click the blue badge next to any item. And if you want to mark everything in a drawer as read, click the checkbox up at the top.

Quick access to recents

Wanna see your recently viewed items without navigating away from whatever it is you’re currently looking at? Just click on the search icon or hit command-J (on a Mac) or control-J (on Windows). The search window shows all of your recents until you start typing.

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