Getting Started with the Quip Basics Path


Welcome to Getting Started with the Quip Basics Path. This learning path is designed to guide you through the basics of Quip. This multi-part video series covers everything you need to know to be proficient in Quip.


Welcome to Quip!

Document Basics

Effective Collaboration

Live Apps

Intro to Spreadsheets

Sharing Basics


Staying Organized

Begin Getting Started with the Quip Basics Path!


Additional Learning Resources

Virtual & On-Demand Training

In Quip 101: The Foundations, you will be guided through an introductory look at working in Quip. This 30 minute session focuses on creating your very own documents, while implementing Quip's unique interactive functionality. REGISTER NOW!

In the Quip for Customer 360: 101 Learning Path, you take a step-by-step approach to understanding how Quip and Salesforce work together. This learning path covers, Quip Lightning Components, Collaboration in Customer 360 and the Salesforce Live Apps to name a few. VIEW NOW!

Ever wanted to chat directly with a Quip product expert? You’re in luck. Come pick our brains in Quip Office Hours! This session is dedicated to answering questions, sharing best practices, and offering additional resources. REGISTER NOW!

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