How to Grant a Quip Admin API Access

What is Quip API Admin Access
For more scalable site-wide security workflows, access to the Admin API can be enabled either as a read-only privilege or a read-write privilege. Admins with either of these privileges can access all content and data in your company’s Quip site. Use cases where this level of programmatic access may be appropriate include integrations for: eDiscovery, CASB, threat monitoring, and more.

How to Grant a Quip Admin API Access

To grant Admin API Access:
1) Go to the Admin Console > Site Settings > Admin Roles
2) Select Create New Role
3) Name Role and select your desired permissions for each category, including Admin API Access > Edit


4) Assign this Role to the Admin or Admins you would like to be able to manage API Access
5) That admin will see a new section in the Site Settings page of their admin console


a) They can click Grant Access to grant access to a user. First, enter their email:


Then, choose which level of access they should have:


b) They can edit or remove access using the dropdown menu from the right of the user row:


For more information on creating admin roles and permissions check out Admin Roles.

Note: When you add or remove this access, all Super Admins will receive an email notifying them of the changed permissions.

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