Private Document Transfer in the Admin Console

What is Private Document Transfer?

When a Quip User has been deactivated a Quip Admin has the ability to transfer the content that is in the deactivated user’s private folder to another Quip User.

How to Transfer Private Documents in the Admin Console

1) Go to the Admin Console > Site Members.
2) Find the Quip member you would like to transfer the content from and make sure they are deactivated. You cannot transfer content from Enabled Members.
3) Click the arrow on the deactivated member and select Transfer Content.


4) Enter the email address of the enabled member you would like to transfer the content to.


5) Confirm you would like to transfer the content and you are sending to and from the correct members, then select Transfer Content.


6) Once you confirm, the transfer will begin. When the transfer is complete (this may take up to a few hours, depending on the amount on content) the recipient member and the admin who initiated the transfer will receive an email that the transfer is complete.
7) The recipient member will now have a sub-folder in their private folder named after the deactivated user where they can now access the content. The recipient will have the same level of access to the content as the deactivated user had.

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