How do I restore a document after it's deleted?

In order to restore a deleted document, spreadsheet, or presentation go to your Folders and find the Trash folder located under My Documents. 

Scroll to the bottom section labeled Trash folder. Click on the document you wish to recover & choose Recover.

Quip will return the document to its previous folder location. Quip will also directly open the document to remind you of that document's location. If the original folder has been deleted, Quip will place the recovered document in your Private Folder.

If you Permanently Delete an item it can never be restored by you or anyone else who had access to it. 


There is a subfolder in your Trash folder called Deleted by Others. This will show you documents, spreadsheets, and presentation you had access to that were deleted by someone else who also had access. 

A piece of content will live in the "Trash" folder or your "Deleted by Others" subfolder for 30 days.
After 30 days the content will be deleted from your Trash folder.



 Before someone deletes a document, spreadsheet, or presentation that is shared with other people, the person who deletes the content must first approve their acknowledgement that deleting the content also deletes the content for others. The dialogue below is an example of what someone sees before they're able to move content to the trash if it's shared with others. 



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