How do shared folders work?

Shared Folders allow you to share a group of related documents with one or more people. When you share a folder with someone, they gain access to all of the documents and subfolders within the parent folder. Creating a new document in a shared folder will automatically share it with everyone else in the folder.

To create a shared folder click on the folder icon in the upper right hand corner of any Quip window. 


When you create a new folder within a parent folder, Quip will grant all users who have access to the parent folder access to this new shared folder. 

Everyone in a shared folder has the same viewing, editing and sharing privileges. There is no “owner” of a shared folder. If one person re-orders the items in a shared folder, it re-orders the documents for everyone.

Please note: all members of a folder will have access to all documents located in that folder. If you wish to remove an individual from a particular document in that folder, you will need to remove them from the entire folder. Alternatively, you could create a restricted sub-folder of that folder to grant access to a particular group of individuals.

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