Set up the Slack and Quip Integration

Welcome to Quip + Slack!

We’re excited that you’re here. Quip is a new way to work with your team that combines docs, spreadsheets, and messages in one place to help teams work better together.

Quip is connected with your favorite team chat platform. Add Quip’s living documents to your Slack channels now. 

Quip’s Slack integration offers three main features:

  1. Securely preview links to Quip docs within Slack channels
  2. Create new Quip docs within Slack channels using /quip new
  3. Receive notifications in Slack channels when Quip docs change

To add Quip to Slack, go to

Here’s a detailed overview of our Slack integration.

1. Securely preview links to Quip docs in Slack channels

It’s simple. Paste a Quip document link into a public Slack channel. Then, type enter to share it:



Your link will automatically transform into a document preview.



Here’s the Quip document preview:


Posting a private document in a public slack channel

If you post a link to a Quip document that’s not shared with everyone, @quip will show you a direct message in Slack where you can define the sharing permissions of your Quip document. 



In that message with @quip, you can decide if you want to enable link sharing for the Quip document. This means that any members with the link, including those in your Slack channel, can view and edit the Quip document.




When you click 👍  Share link, you’ll receive confirmation that @quip has enabled a shared link for your Quip document. Any members in the Slack channel can now view the document in Quip.


2. Receive notifications in Slack channels when Quip docs change

If you want to stay in the loop on your team’s progress in Quip, it's simple. Get notified in Slack when a Quip document (shared in a Slack channel) is updated.

To turn this on, go to the Quip document preview and click the ‘Change’ link.  nine.jpg

You’ll then jump to the Quip document, where you can then modify the corresponding notification settings. Update previews makes it easy to tell whether you need to jump into Quip and contribute.  

When a teammate @mentions you in a Quip document, your @mention notification in Slack will be highlighted yellow. This makes it easy to see when someone needs your attention in Quip. 


3. Elevate ideas in Slack to Quip docs

Spark ideas in Slack and give them structure in Quip where you can organize, discuss, and evolve your team’s most important work. Use the slash command /quip new to create a new document in Quip where your team can jump in together and get to work.



You can then type what you want the title of the document to be.



Everyone in the channel will see a document preview where they can jump in and build the document together and continue fleshing out the conversation. 


Documents will be created in your private folder but can be moved to another folder later.


Want these features in additional (public or private) channels?

When your awesome Slack-Quip admin connected Quip and Slack, they likely used our default "starter pack." This means that quipbot was invited to your top 30 public channels, and integration features will be available in those channels. 

You want these awesome features everywhere?! Don't worry, adding the integration to public and private channels is simple. 

You’ll have to invite @quip, our handy quipbot, to your channel. Once you do, you can preview links to Quip docs and create new Quip docs from your private channels too.

Type /invite @quip to invite Quip’s bot to your private Slack channel.



Slack will then clarify that you actually want to invite @quip to your private channel. You do! So just click, ‘Yes, show channel history’.



Congratulations! The quipbot (@quip) is enabled for your private Slack channel, and you and your private group have all the awesome integration features at your disposal.



We hope you enjoy using Quip and Slack together! If you have any questions please create a Salesforce Case.

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