Does Quip have anchor links?

Yes! Quip has anchor links, and they're a fast way to direct people to a very specific part of your document or spreadsheet. You can put anchor links within a Quip document to point readers to other parts of that same document. You can also put an anchor link in an email, chat, or other Quip doc. Here's how they work.

To create an anchor link

Place your cursor at the spot in the document you'd like to link to, then click Copy Anchor Link inside the paragraph square that appears to your right.


Using anchor links

Once you create an anchor link using one of the options above, it will be copied to your clipboard. You can use control+V to paste it, or right-click and choose Paste. Depending on where you paste your anchor link, it will behave a little differently.

Anchor linking to other parts of the same doc

If you create an anchor link in one part of your document, you can paste it someplace else in that same document. This is useful if you want to help people navigate a long or complex document. When an anchor link goes to a different part of the same document, it shows up as the section name that you've linked to.


Above, you can see the anchor link in the summary paragraph (highlighted by us.)

Below, you can see what happens when someone clicks the anchor link: They will be taken to the part of the document the anchor link leads to, with an automatic spotlight to help them zero in on what you wanted them to see.


Sending links to people directly

After you've copied an anchor link, you can also send it to someone in a comment or chat in Quip. Anchor links that point to a different document show the name of the document as well as the section you're linking to.

When someone clicks your link, it will open the document, and take them to the exact spot your anchor link is pointing to.


If you're sending the anchor link outside of Quip, the anchor link will show up as a URL. You can put anchor links in a email, a chat application, or even a text message. If someone clicks the link, it will take them to your Quip document in a web browser.

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