How do I open Salesforce reports in Quip?


Before you embark on the steps below, make sure you already have Quip Connect installed and configured.

To open a Salesforce report in Quip

1. Go to the “Reports" in salesforce. Click on the arrow button and select "Open in Quip"




2. Choose any report to and click on “Open in Quip.” This will create a corresponding Quip document. Every time you open that document, it will pull the latest data from the report.


3. Use the “Live Data” button to change data settings, open the report in Salesforce or view the report owner.



By default, the Quip spreadsheet will pull in updated data from Salesforce each time it's opened. You can also manually refresh the data by selecting “Refresh Now.”

Also note, if the owner (the person who exported the report) is removed from the document, the data will be disconnected from Salesforce for security reasons.


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