Chat rooms, explained

Chat Rooms are customizable channels that are great for ongoing group conversations. You could have a team chatroom to share wins and ideas, music chatroom to share local concerts or an event chatroom to share logistics on the day of the event. The possibilities are endless and since they are created by you, they can meet your team’s needs!

The major features of the chat room are to:

  • Collaborate with groups of Quip users
  • @mention people to notify them of updates
  • Information sharing @mention documents, spreadsheets, files, etc.
  • Send attachments and files
  • Have fun and celebrate wins with pictures, gifs or stickers

How to create a Chat Room

To create a Chat Room:

  1. Click on the Compose button above the window pane and select New Chat Room.
  2. Once selected a box will appear on your screen directing you to type in the desired name for the Chat Room.
  3. When you entered the Chat Room name you will be directed to choose you would like to add into the Chat Room by their name or email.
  4. Finally, after you’ve added the members of the chat room, the members will be notified and you can start chatting.


How to add people to a Chat Room

Within an existing Chat Room, you can simply add collaborators with full access onto the chat by clicking the Share icon, then add the collaborators by their name or email. A best practice is to share a Chat Room by adding it to a folder, which will share it with everyone in that folder rather than having to add people one by one. To learn more about sharing, read Granular Permissions.


Who can view a Chat Room

Chat Rooms are private to those who are shared in the Chat Room. Only those who are members of the Chat Room would be able to see the conversation or add members to the Chat Room. Those who are not included in the chat room will not see it on their Updates page or will be able to search the Chat Room.

How to edit chat rooms to appear in my favorite drawer and collections

Adding a Chat Room to your favorites drawer and collections is easy. Just click on the Star ⭐ icon in the top right and the Chat Room with automatically appear on the top of your favorites list. You can also organize your chats with the Drag and Drop feature that allows you to keep your chats neatly organized. To learn more, read how to Stay Organized with Favorites and Collections.

How to edit a message

Did you happen to send a message with a typo? No worries! you can easily make edits by hovering over the message or comment you would like to change. To edit a message/comment, click Edit Message.


This feature enables you to make changes within your message/comment highlighted in grey. Once you have completed your edit, click on the Checkmark button to automatically save changes.

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