Chat rooms, explained

Chat Rooms are customizable chat channels for ongoing group conversations. Pro tip: favorite any frequently used Chat Room to pin it to your Quip sidebar. 

The major features of the chat room are:

  • Integration with Quip contacts and documents - We recognize links and @-mentions to Quip documents and highlight them on the side of the chat.
  • Integrations with third party services - Monitor any relevant service like customer support ticketing, ops monitoring, and Twitter
  • Send attachments and files - Drag and drop files into the chat composer to send to people in the Chat Room.
  • Create a document with the people in the Chat Room
  • Perform “slash command” shortcuts - Shortcut commands for fun things like gifs and memes, but also for practical purposes like inviting a user to a chat or “liking”.

Who can view a chat room?

To view a Chat Room, you must create the Chat Room or be added by another collaborator. You can see everyone that is included in a Chat Room by clicking the plus icon on the share icon in the top of the Quip window.

How do I add people to a chat room?

Add collaborators to a Chat Room by clicking on the Share icon in the top of the Quip window > Add by Name or Email

How do edit which chat rooms appear in my sidebar?

 You can customize which Chat Rooms appear in your Quip sidebar by favoriting the relevant Chat Room. This ensures your most important documents, chat rooms, and folders are easily accessible. 

How can I edit a message I just sent?

Make a typo? Paste the wrong link? No problem. Just hover over the message or comment you want to edit, click the edit button, fix your mistake, then click the check mark to save. 


Shortcut: If the message you want to edit is the last message you sent, just hit the up arrow. You'll go straight into editing mode. 

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