What is a slash command and how do they work?

Slash commands are a shortcut syntax that can be used in Quip chats to perform actions. To do a slash command, type “/” and the command. Press enter to execute the command.

Quip has slash commands for fun things like gifs and memes, but also for practical purposes like inviting a user to a chat.

You can bring up a list of commands by typing “/” in the message composer.

Here is a list available slash commands:

  • /memes - Customize popular memes
  • /giphy - Insert a random GIF based a search term
  • /help - Brings up help dialog and link to support page
  • /invite - Type a contact's name after to invite to your chat
  • /like - Like the last message in the chat thread
  • /sayas - Create memes from your contacts' profile pictures by typing “/sayas” then @-mentioning a content and the text you want overlaid on the photo.


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