How secure are my documents? Who can view the content?

We take the security and privacy of your communication and content on Quip extremely seriously. 

In terms of security:

Our production team comes from Facebook and Google, and they have extensive experience running highly reliable, scalable web sites. There is a full-time engineer on call for site outages and problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we have extensive monitoring for site reliability from Pingdom and Cloudfront monitoring services. 

We use the standard best practices for cloud services, including requiring HTTPS connections to our servers for security, firewalls protecting our database servers, off-site backups for user data, and the security provided by our hosting provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS). To learn more, you can read about AWS security policies.

In terms of privacy: 

No one at Quip will ever look at the content of your documents without your explicit permission. We will sometimes look at the log files or meta data for your account, documents, or folders, in order to debug issues with your account or with the site as a whole. You can read our whole privacy policy over here.

The content of your account, documents, and folders are visible only to you and the people you explicitly share them with. To learn more about sharing on Quip, head over here.


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