Can I share a document with someone who does not have a Quip account?

If you are working with someone who does not have a Quip account, you can still share documents with them via a link.

To do so, click on Share then choose get shareable link


The default will be that anyone within your organization can view and edit the document.

If you can change the permissions settings to the following:

  • View-only
  • View-only but show Diffs for the document
  • View-only but allow new messages
  • View-only but allow comments

What a non-Quip user sees:

View & Edit Document

If the document is “View & Edit,” the recipient of the link does not need to sign in to see the entire document and conversation. Here is what they would see:


When the recipient tries to write a message or edit the document, they will be prompted to sign in to do so.

View-Only Document

If the document is “View-Only,” the recipient of the link will not be able to see the conversation or edits. We hide the entire left hand side of the page and minimize all Quip branding so that your document is as clean as a standalone document you would make in a traditional word processor:


The recipient can print or download document by clicking the Quip logo. They can also sign into the service from that menu.

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