The almighty @ key

One of the benefits of having all your teammates and all of your work in one place is access. Quip breaks down the barriers that typically divide your team and make your work hard to find – too many work tools, long email threads, and confusing file systems – by giving you instant access to your teammates and your work in a single keystroke. If there's one key to try in Quip, it's  @.

What you'll learn...

Get your teammates' attention

Just like Twitter and Facebook, you can @mention teammates to bring their attention to a document, spreadsheet, or conversation. What's great about Quip is that teammates can instantly drop into a document or spreadsheet and contribute in real-time. It's seriously fast.

@mention teammates in documents

There are a million different situations in which you'll want to @mention a teammate in a document, but one use case that we see from our customers all the time is listing attendees on a meeting agenda.


@mention someone in a document and they get an instant notification from Quip to come see the document. Once they visit your agenda, they can contribute materials, notes, and action items. Quip is great for collaborative note-taking since multiple people can edit the same document at the same time. No one has to be solely responsible for capturing the highlights of a lively discussion - and everyone can stay engaged.

@mention teammates in spreadsheets

Just like in documents, you can @mention teammates in spreadsheet cells. This is great for notifying the:

  • Paid Social owner to complete their sections of a marketing budget spreadsheet
  • Owner of a deliverable in a project plan spreadsheet
  • Owner of a user story in a product requirements table

The notification pulls the owner straight into the spreadsheet where they can get all the context they need to contribute quickly.

@mention teammates in comments

If you haven't noticed yet, @mentions can be used all over Quip. That's especially handy when leaving comments in documents and spreadsheets. @mention a teammate to ask a question, request clarification, or share an important insight, and they'll get a notification about the comment, enabling structured real-time discussions. It's so easy for your teammates to jump into the conversation you can get a response in seconds.

The instant notification brings your teammate directly into the comment thread where they can see the context and respond in real-time. These 'embedded conversations' are perfect for hashing out details and getting answers fast. When your discussions have context, your team shares more and work gets done faster.

@mention teammates in sidebar messages

In Quip, every document and spreadsheet has a sidebar where the entire history of your work is tracked – every edit, comment, and message. The magic of Quip is combining communication and content in one simple experience. It's easy to discuss, revise, and reach a final decision on a work item in one place – no more mind-numbing email chains that waste your time.

The sidebar is great for getting a teammates' attention at an overall document level. Whether sharing a document, asking a question, or voicing an opinion, you've got grounds to discuss and share with your team.


@mention teammates in group chats

Quip is designed to give every conversation context so contributions can happen intelligently and quickly. We strive to deliver this everywhere you look: in comment threads, document sidebar conversations, and even team chat rooms. You can always call on a teammate to join the conversation. Just like in Slack, you're able to @mention teammates in Quip's free-form chat rooms too.

Pro-tip: Use @ to bring documents into chat rooms

What makes Quip's chat rooms most useful is that you can pull documents, spreadsheets, and folders into the conversation to share with your team.


Assign Tasks to your teammates

Quip is built to make your team more productive. A great place to start is to create a collaborative task list to track your team's work. Assign tasks with @mentions and your team will be up and running in no time. You can more easily track deliverables as a group and ship projects on time.

Link to docs, spreadsheets, folders, and chat rooms

@mentions also make it easy to link to your work. What's great about having all your work in Quip is that you can unite relevant work so that everyone can stay in the know. Type @ and start searching for your group chat, spreadsheet, document, or folder title to insert a link to it. This works across Quip – not just in paragraphs, but also in spreadsheet cells, sidebar conversations, group chat rooms, and 1:1 messages. 


Pro-tip: Showcase your data with in-document math

By integrating spreadsheets directly into your documents, your data isn't trapped in separate files. You can refer to data in your spreadsheets in the text of your documents by typing = and the cell name. It’s a really powerful way to create an executive summary, showcase the important data in larger spreadsheets, or focus the attention of a meeting. Even better, when you update your spreadsheet, the text in your document magically too – great for those last-minute fixes! 

Add a file or image

Quip is about living documents: real-time, dynamic documents that make it easy to create, share, and discuss work as a team. Sometimes, though, you have to work with non-Quip files – PowerPoints, images, PDFs, and more. Next time you're thinking about writing an email and adding some attachments, try creating a Quip doc and attaching files with @ instead. In Quip, all of those files can be accessed, shared, and discussed with your team.



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